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Behind that 'Smile' 3/?

Title: Behind that 'Smile'
Rating:PG-13 i guess...
Side Pairings: YeWook, EunHae, KangTeuk , HanChul and more
Chapter: 3/?
Genre:Romance, Comedy(?), Sad, Drama
Summary: As a kid, Sungmin was always abused by his mother. One day Minnie's mom came home drunk nd beat him and without knowing put him for sale. A new family bought him nd he suddenly gained a young brother, Ryewook. Minnie was kind of a loner and knew how to deal while being alone. One day Minnie's parents called him up to their room nd told them a horrible news. A depressed Sungmin, ran out of the house shedding tears, un-aware of his surroundings when a car rushed by! Just when he thought he had lost his life, a super handsome male saved him. Sungmin dn the male, Kyuhyun, befriended each other. Soon enough Sungmin realised what the warm feeling he got when being with Kyuhyun was from and suddenly, things changed. For the good or the worst in still to be discovered.

Sungmin was filled with both anger and sadness. Absent-mindedly, he punched the wall, no realizing his nuckles where bleeding. "Hyuung, stop...please!" whispered Ryeowook, hurting inside. Never in the 19 years that they've been brothers, has Ryeowook ever seen the older man this upset and angry! "Sungminnie......" his mother said looking at him sorrowfuly, "Its gonna be okay..it'lll al be okay..." she finsihed, running to her room. A single white piece of paper layed on the floor, a few feet away from Sungmin. The letter contained some writting in black, it read:

Dear Kim Family,
I'm very sorry to be the one to inform you of this, but Kim KyuMi has been found dead in her apparment. We're still investigating how it happened. We found a letter on the kitchen table from a young man. The letter spoke of how she would regret breaking his heart. We are still looking for more information. She was said to be found on the bed, in her room covered with a white blanket, with a red stain. A neighbor uncovered the body and found 3 knives stuck in the place her heart is. She will be burried on Thursday, 25th, at the Satoro Cementary in Seoul. Once again, i am truely sorry for the news of your family member's death. We would appriciate it if you would cooperate with us, and contact us for a few Q&A sessions with the younger siblings. Have a great day.
Cho KyungMo

That entrire day was all tears. As night fell, the RyeoMin brothers fell asleep on the floor where they had been embracing each other. A figure walked into the house and saw the two boys, then the paper. The figure picked it up and read it. "Thi-this can't be real...." The figure was none other than the RyeoMin sibling's father. He crumbled the letter in his hand and sat on the table chair trying to hold back his tears. "KyuMi....yo-you said you would besafe!" he shouted, sobbing.


The next day, the two brothers woke up, and got ready to go to school like always. Sungmin had always faked a smile, to make Ryeowook worry less, but today he just couldn't pull it off. It didn't work. He would smile then realize he was frowning again. He sighed, fixed his tie, and walked out his room.

"Hyung...." Ryeowook said looking down, sadder than ever. Sungmin didn't ask what, but instead got on his knees and said "I'll carry you, Wookie." And like that, they left for school. On their walk there, Sugmin felt like someone was following them. He looked around , but didn't see anyone. *I must be going crazy! This is the second time now....~sigh~*


A figure made its way out from behind a tree. It sighed in relief and walked on, through the forest, not wanting to be caught. "Aish!Q Almost got caught...stupid Hankyung! "Take the forest, that way they won't find you!"..why did i listen to him!? *sigh* Whatever." The figure continued walking seperating from the siblings. "Wait a lil longer by birdies, i will introduce myself to you shortly" it said, with a grin is his face.

Donghae walkd to school, alone for the first time in his whole life! Eunhyuk was no where in sight. "Sorry hyung, but i will win Jaejin's heart today!" he said with a big smile. Donghae walked around the school field looking for his beloved Jaejin.

"Aigooo...where could he be?? i know he's here...maybe his club? What club did he say he belonged to again??" Donghae walked into the school still searching for Jaejin, when he heard a loud thump and a moan coming from the locker room.

"What the....?" his curiosity taking over him, he walked into the locker room. No one Then he heard a thump again and another moan. He then turned around, and in the corner of the locker room saw the most heart-breaking thing ever. "I found you....." he whispered, tearing up.

Jaejin was in the corner alright, but unexpectedly, he was the one moaning!!! A 2nd year, Lee Hongki, was kissing his neck, his hands under Jaejin's shirt. Donghae had seen enought and ran.

On his was out of school he saw his best friend, Eunhyuk, and hugged him. Donghae couldn't hold back his tears anymore, and cried onn the older male's chest, staining his school uniform. Eunhyuk blushed a bit. He didn't care that Donghae had stained his shirt, he was worried about his friend who was now in great pain. Eunhyuk hugged his frind tightly and comforted him. "Shhhh....its okay Fishy, i'm here...ts okay" he said. He lifted Donghae's head and, without realizing it, kissed his forehead. Donghae then smiled and said "Thank you for always being with me, Eunhyuk...you're a great friend!" Eunhuk's heart throbbed a bit as he heard the word "great friend".

*I don't want to be your best friend! I want to be your lover...why can't you see that?* The two boys kept embraing eachother, and like that time flew by.


School went by and lunch finaly came, and our friend, the mysterious figure appeared again. "Time to inroduce myself" it said.


Sungmin walked down the halls, on his way to the lunch room. "Hiii Sungmin ah! Oh...why do you look down, whats wrong honey??" Sungmin looked up and smiled. He saw his new friend LeeTeuk, and a very buf looking guy, with dark brown hair, that spiked up, behind him. "Oh just upsetting news in my household..." Sungmin said, trying to remain the smile.

"Who's your friend, hyung?" Sungmin asked, changing the subject to something less upsetting. LeeTeuk looked behing him then back at Sungmin and said "Oh...just a friend.". He looked down and seemed rather sad. The male standing beind him looked upset and rather mad. "Hyung, is he by any chance your lover?" asked a curious Sungmin, smiling at a blushing Teukie. "Huh? Ah..what..what would make you say that?!" he said, flustered then looked down, then back at Sungmin and nodded. "How wonderful!!!" Sungmin said, hugging LeeTeuk nd his lover. "How long have you fellas been dating?" asked sungmin pooking LeeTeuk.

LeeTeuk looked up at Sungmin in disbelief. "What?..You're not freaked out we're, well..you know...gay??" he asked, rather nervously. Sungmin smiled and shook his head rapidly. "Ofcourse not!!! Why would i be? Love shouldn't be about gender, but about heart." he said. LeeTeuk smiled, and the male behind him, wrapped his arms around his lover's waist nd smiled. "Hi, i'm Kim Youngwoon, Kangin. Its nice to meet LeeTeuk's dongsaeng he's been talking about." said the male, called Kangin, with a smile. Sungmin smiled. Its soo good to see such happy couples now-a-days.

"Kangin....." Teukie said hesitantly, looking at Sungmin. Kangin smiled, as if reading his mind and nodded. "Sungmin, you will now be my new child!" he said hugging his new 'child'. Sungmin laughed and nodded. "Okay Umma, Appa" The three of them walked to the lunch room and found Ryeowook. LeeTeuk fell in love with Ryeowook at first sight nd made him his new 'child' also. Ryeowook smiled happily at the coulple and then at his brother who was truely smiling.

Donghae and Eunhyuk joined the group and gretted the hyungs. "Umma, Appa!" they said huggung their 'parents'. "Oh you know Umma and Appa??" Eunhyuk asked teh RyeoMin siblings turning to look at them "They're my new children and your new brothers!" LeeTeuk announced. They all laughed.

"Oh look!" Kangin said, pointed at a dark figure walking from behind a tree. And as you've guess, it was our little mysterious buddy. "Meet your new brothers!" LeeTeuk said to the person. The person was finaly revealed. "Hi" he said. He stood infront of the RyeoMin brothers and bowed. This guy was tall, and looked rather pretty. He had red-orange hair that fell down to his shoulders. He looked pretty stylish and for some reason stood out, even though he was wearing the same outfit as everyone else. He looked rather girly though.

"I'm Kim Heechul, and this is my lover Hankyung." he said turning to his right. No one stood next to him. "Aish...Kyungie, get out here!!" he yelled, and another figure made its way from behidn the tree. A male taller than Heechul. The younger male had brown hair that was fairly long, but unlike Heechul's, didn't make him look girly. "Sorry.." the man said , his korean sounding rather funny like. "Gosh! Where was i? Oh yeah! Hankyung my lover. He's chinese so he's Korean is different." Heechul said hugging his lover.

"I'm Sungmin and this is my younger brother Ryeowook." Sungmin introduced both himself nd Wookie. "Oh, we know...we have been followi-ah!" Hankyung was cut off by Heechul, who elbowed him. Heechul smiled nervously. "He's crazy, sorry" he said. The 8 of them talked and laughed having fun.

"Oh! Ryeowookie~!!!" came the voice of someone. They all turned their head nd EunHae waved wildly, HanChul smiled...well Heechul glarred a bit, and KangTeuk jumped out of happiness.

Ryeowook was the last to turn his head, and when he saw who it was he looked away shyly, and blushed. Sungmin noticed this and got confussed. "Yesungie baby! How are you?" LeeTeuk asked, hugging Yesung. Sungmin gasped "Oh!" he said, everyone turning their head towards him. "So you're Yesung? *giggles* Nice to meet you. I'm Ryeowook's hyung. It nice to finaly get to meet you" Sungmin said bowing at Yesung.

"Ah! So you're Ryeowookie's hyung, its also nice to meet you!" Yesung said bowing back to Sungmin. Sungmin turned to look at Ryeowook who was still blushing nd poked him. Ryeowook looked up at his brother, who winked, making Ryeowook turn into an even deeper pink.

"Oh! This is great~ My Children know eachother!" LeeTeuk said happily. Yesung looked shocked. "Chil-children?!! You mean to say the Sungmin and Ryeowook are your new children too???" he asked stuttering a bit. LeeTeuk nodded, and noticed Yesung's shocked face but didn't bother so much about it. "Well my children me and appa have to get going." He said waving at the group and leaving.


As everyone left to go home, they waved to each other and parted. Sungmin walked around the school a bit. *Ah, found you!* he thought. "Yesung, lets talk, okay?" he said smiling. Yesung stiffen a bit and nodded. "What is it hyung?" he asked. "No need for the hyung, Sungmin is just fine" sungmin said smiling.
"Okay, lets speak truthfully, k?"

"Um..yeah sure."

"Asking bluntly, Do you have feelings for Ryeowookie??"

Yesung was caught off-guard and turned pink.
"Ye...yes." he said lookign down

"Thats great!!!" Sungmin said jumping out of his chair. he had the biggest most brightest smile ever.

"How so??"

"Well, my Wookie ...hmm...i shouldn't...but i will!"

Yesung looked at Sungmin confused.

"Well my Wookie told me he had a lil crush on you!" Sungmin said poking Yesungs shoulder. Yesung turned a crimson red!

"Re-really?? You're not gonna say you're kidding are you???"

"Ofcourse not! And i like you Yesung, so i'll help you get together with Wookie!!" Sungmin said smiling and hugging Yesung.



"Thank you, Sungmin!" yesung was flying on cloud 6 when he found out that Sungmin would help him."I told my dongsaeng to wait for me at the front gates, why don't you go?" he said, pushing Yesung lightly. Yesung, still red, nodded. Sungmin giggled and waved bye to his soon to be brother-in-law.

The thought brought Sungmin to laughter and happiness. "Hahaha, Wookie, you will thank me later~" he said, skipping out of the class room. As he was skipping, he crashed into someone.

"Aigoo, sorry!" Sungmin said getting up and helping teh other person up. "Oh no, its okay! Oh...are you new?" the male on the floor asked. "Oh yeah, I'm Lee Sungmin, nice to meet you." he bowed and smiled at the male on the floor. The male finaly got up and smiled "I'm KyuJong, 2nd year." he said bowing. "I have to get going, so i'll see you around?" he asked Sungmin with a smile, Sungmin nodded and watched the younger male leave.


"Gosh, Minnie hyung! Where are you, really??" Ryeowook leaned againt the gates waiting for his brother. He felt a tap on his shoulder and smiled.

"Hyuuung!! Its was about time you got here~ Gues what? I have somethign fun to tell you, during class today, Yesung and i both reached down to pick up a piece of paper and our hands touched!!" Ryeowook announced blushing slightly.

Yesung, who was standing behind him blushed, remembering what had happened. When Ryeowook turned around, and saw who was standing behind him, he turned an even deeper pink. He feel on his knees and tears covered his eyes. *You...why are you ehre?? You aren't supposed to know my feelings! Not yet, not when even i don't know yours!* he thought.

Yesung saw the tears sweling in his Ryeowook's eyes and got next to him. He raised Ryeowook's head up, and wiped his tears. "Its okay, Wookie. I...i like you too.." he said hidding his face, who was burning with emberrasment, with his bangs. "Y-yo-you do?" Ryeowook asked, looking upat Yesung, tears still sweling.

Yesung nodded and turned even reder...if that was possible. Ryeowook smiled, his tears now falling & hugged Yesung tightly. "Ryeowook, go out with me? I maybe stupid and slow and annoying, but please give me a cha-" Yesung was cut off by Ryeowook's lips pressing againts his. Ryeowook pulled away after 10econds nd looked away.

"I-i hope i ans-answe-answered you!" he said, grabbing Yesung's hand. Yesung hugged Ryeowook and said, "Thank you...i promise to never leave your side, Wookie!"


From behind the wall of the gates, Sungmin stood there, awwing silently. He had been standing there throughout the whole thing, and felt warm inside. *Be happy Wookie~You deserve it!* he thought to himself and smiled.

He then waited til the coupple left before following. "I'm so prud of Yesung and Ryeowook, and myself for making this possible~" Sungmin said congratulating himself, and giggling. Ryeowook's happiness was his happiness, Sungmin thought.

"*sigh* Now i need to find me someone !" he said feeling down. He laughed and skipped back home.


[A/N]:This chapter didn't have much drama, but i tried to make it happy :D!!!
Yay~ YeWook is officialy together now :D. I also got to introduce teh HanChul and KangTeuk couples ^-^
Hoep you liked, comment nd critisism is welcomed ^-^
Tags: eunhae, ft island, hanchul, kangteuk, kyumin, shinee, super junior, yewook

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