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Behind that 'Smile' 4/?

Title: Behind that 'Smile'
Rating:PG-13 i guess...
Side Pairings: YeWook, EunHae, KangTeuk , HanChul and more
Chapter: 4/?
Genre:Romance, Comedy(?), Sad, Drama
Summary: As a kid, Sungmin was always abused by his mother. One day Minnie's mom came home drunk nd beat him and without knowing put him for sale. A new family bought him nd he suddenly gained a young brother, Ryewook. Minnie was kind of a loner and knew how to deal while being alone. One day Minnie's parents called him up to their room nd told them a horrible news. A depressed Sungmin, ran out of the house shedding tears, un-aware of his surroundings when a car rushed by! Just when he thought he had lost his life, a super handsome male saved him. Sungmin dn the male, Kyuhyun, befriended each other. Soon enough Sungmin realised what the warm feeling he got when being with Kyuhyun was from and suddenly, things changed. For the good or the worst in still to be discovered.

The room was hushed...no sounds, except the sound of breathing. The room door quietly, creaked open. Two figures walked into the room, where Sungmin slumbered cutely. The two figures walked over next to the bed and looked at the sleeping Sungmin.

"hahahah, he looks cute!" said the first figure.

"Shhhhhh~ We don't want to wake him up!" replied the second figure, in a whisper, rather angry.

"awwww! Is someone jelous of Sungmin??"

"Nooo!" the second figure pouted, and turned a slight pink.

"awwwwz! Come here~" The first figure walked over to the 2nd one and hugged it tightly.

"You know i only have eyes for you, and no one else!" it said, is a hushed tone, to the other figure. It kissed the other figure lightly on its lips.
Figure number 1 blushed lightly, and leaned into the kiss.

"I know now~" figure 2 said, hugging figure 1 tightly.

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwz!!!!! You guys are such a fluffy and cute couple~!!" awed Sungmin, who had been awake the entire time. He winked at the first figure and giggled at the 2nd figure. "But i have a question.......Why are you two in my room??" he asked looking at the couple with sparkly eyes.

Yesung and Ryeowook looked at each other and smiled. "We came to wake you up~!" said Ryeowook grabbing his hyungs hand. ".......why?" asked Minnie still confused. "Its sunday so there's no school...right!?" he asked freaking out a bit nd looking at his clock. "No. There's no school today, no worries." Yesung said grabbing sungmin's other hand. The YeWook couple pulled Sungmin off his bed and dragged him over to his closet.

"We want you to get ready. be changed and clean in 10 minutes, okay?" Ryeowook said, tugging at his hyung's sleeve. "Hmmm...okay..." he said, with a curious smile. The YeWook couple walked out the room and let sungmin get changed. Inside his room Sungmin walked over to his bed, scratched his head, and layed on the bed once more. "HYUNG YOU BETTER NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP!" Ryeowook said from the other side of the door. Sungmin sighed and got up.


"is everythign ready????"

"Yes~ I was incharge of balloons"

"I got my job done, i baked the cake and it look delicious~"

"I went ti buy presents...more than all of you!"

"Aish...shut up! I did decorations, cuz you guys wouldn't let me work on anything more fashionable!"

"Sorry hyuuung. I got the music ready"

"I called all of the family AND his friends~!"

"Okay, so everything is ready??"


"Okay, its show time!!"

"Lets all put our hands together and at the count of three we call out Fighting!"

"1, 2, 3.."



Sungmin gave his hair one last fluff, before thinking he looked good. "I wonder what YeWook wanted me for??" He walked out of the door and looked around. No sight of YeWook anywhere!! "Yesung!!! Ryeowook!!" he walked around the upstairs looking for his cute litt;e dongsaeng and his lover. "guuuuys!" he got flustered and finaly decided to walk downstairs.

"Gosh you guys ask me to get ready, and don't tell me why! Then i come out ready and pretty, and you are nowhere in sight!" he complained on his way to the first floor.


Sungmin looked around and found all of his friends and 'family' around him, smiling and cheering. He started tearing up, and soon enough, tears flooded his eyes. Teukie umma and the rest of the gang ran to him. Teukie hugged his child and soothed him. "Oh, baby don't cry~" he said patting Sungmin's back. "We-we didn't mean to make you cry!" whined Donghae who was almost about to cry himself. "We're sorry Sungmin ah!" Eunhyuk followed.

"Sungmin laughd and cried at the same time. He hugged all his friends one by one. "Thank you!" he said smiling. "I was crying of happiness...i didn't think anyone remembered my birthday!" he said, hugging everyone once more. "How could we not remember our child's birthday!" Kangin said, patting Sungmin lightly on the shoulder. "We could never!!" everyone nodded in agreement. "Ryeowook walked over to his brother and hugged him. "Hyung, Saranghae~" he said cutely. Sungmin smiled, and kissed his baby brother's forehead, then looked over at Yesung who looked kkinda..no make that VERY jelous.

Sungmin whispered something to the younger male's ear. Ryeowook blushed a bit, nodded, smiled, and ran over to Yesung, and pressed his lips against his lovers. Everyone awwed, and Yesung turned a very bright pink! He mouthed the words 'thank you' to Sungmin, who giggled at the cute couple. "Okay guys! Time for presents~" yelled out a very excited Taemin. Everyone clapped in excitment.

"Me first!" said Ryeowook, handing his brother a pink covered bow, with a white bow. Sungmin ripped the paper and opened the box. It was a glass bunny holding a heart with the words "Best brother EVER!". Sungmin smiled, tearing up again, and hugged his cute little brother.

"My turn!" Heechul said, yelling. He handed Sungmin his present, which was a pink mirror covered with white little bunnies. Despite the present being a mirror, Sungmin loved it and hugged his friend.

"Here you go, honey" LeeTeuk said, handing Sungmin a bag. "Open it!" he said. Sungmin followe dhis umma's order, and opened the bag. He found aWhite pillow in the shape of a rabbit. Sungmin hugged the pillow then his hyung.

"Sungmin, i hope you like my present!" the cheerful as always Taemin said. He opened thge present and found a pink shirt with the words "Pink and Bunnies rule the world!". Sungmin laughed and pinched Taemin's cheeks. "It was specialy made for you" he said smiling.

"Our turn!" said the Eunhae Couple. Sungmin got a scared look in his face for a moment, but then smiled. Sungmin opened the blue box and laughed. It was a hat with a bunnies face. (It had the ears, the nose and the eyes ^-^). Sungmin glomped his friend hugging them tightly.

"M-my turn" said Hankyung with his broken Korean. 'I'm not very good at buying, but i'm good at cooking." he said handing Sungmin a plate full of bunny shaped cookies. He bit one and moaned. "This are delicious!!" he said. Sungmin got closer to Hankyung to hug him, but then felt the eys of heechul glaring at him, dagger litteraly comming out, so he decided to poke him instead.

Kangin and yesung, for the fact they were broke, decided to both contribute to Sungmin's present, and bought him an actually bunny as a pet! Sungmin flipped out and hugged his friend is a death hug. LeeTeuk laughed. Ryeowook pleaded his brother to let them go, and said he didn't want his lover to die, which caused "awwwwwz!" from everone, and yeWook to blush.

Like this Sungmin's birthday came to an end, full of smiles, tears, laughs, and over all fun!


The next morning the yeWook routein happened again. "Hyuuung, come on wake up!!!" Ryeowook said, knocking on his brother's door. "What is he fell asleep??" asked Yesung. "No, he never does this!" Ryeowook siad, thinking hard. Sungmin finaly made his bing entrance and the trio left for school.

"Aaah...." Ryeowook said while walking. "Whats wrong, Wookie?" his brother asked looking at Ryeowook with a smile. "My feet hurt!" he siad, in a whiny, yet cute, voice. Sungmin tried not to burst out laughing, knowing what his brother was up to. "I'll carry you!!" Yesung said, right on cue. He got on his knee and bent down so Ryeowook could get on his back. The pink Ryeowook got on his boyfriends back and rested his head on the male's back, smiling. Good thing Ryeowook couldn't see Yesung's face, that wasn't pink, but red!Sungmin couldn't hold back anymore, and bursted out laughing. The two boys juts looked at him and he smiled, with big sparkly eyes at them.

On their way to school they found Eunhyuk, by himself, as strenge as it seems, and the boy started crying on Sungmin's should, Sungmin offered him a piggy back ride, and he accepted. He carried his frien don his back, while the boy let out all his sorrow on Sungmin's shirt. He did not mind though. Through out the walk to school they decided to stop for ice-cream to make Eunhyuk feel better. They stayed there for a while, since they left 3 hours early for school.


Donghae walked throughthe school gates, 3 hours before school started. Why? Beczuase he had recived a note from his quited love Jaejin, yet he came. "Where did he say to meet him??" Dongahe walked around the school fields a bit before finding Jaejin in the library.

"Oh there you are!" he said when he saw Jaejin. Jaejin waved and smiled at his friend. "Come, sit" he said pointing at the chair infront of him. Donghae hesitantly took the offer, and sat down. Awkward silence filled the room as Jaejin stared at Donghae's eyes, and then smiled. "I guess you're wondering why i've called you here, right?" he said looking at Donghae, who looked back at him directly. "Yes, as a matter of fact iam." Donghae repleid with a cold voice. Whats wrong with me??! he tought. "Well....how do i say this...um...." Jaejin looked around trying tp avoid Donghae's brown eyes, who stared deeply at him. "You're good at giving people advice right?" he asked.

"yes, why?"

"Well...i need your help!"


"Will you help me??"

"Yeah, sure, what with?"

"Well, there is this boy i'm in love with"

Donghae's heart broke and throbbed, but he tried not to show it.


"But i sometimes think he's only using me to get his ex back..."


"Well, me and hiim have been great friends since elementry school, and i've always been next to him, forever! I've always been there for his bad times, and his good times. I've always been there for him, no matter what, and have always given him advice for everything. But he never seems to notice me. he only thinks of me as a friend, and not a possible partner. It hurts me deeply, beccause i'm the one who hugges him and comforts him whenever he's feeling bad. Its always been me. But he never bothers to even look at me, and looks for someone else.
"One day, like every other day, he confided in me, and told me he was crushing one someone. I got my hopes up. he then said his crushe's name and i was shattered....I was on the verge of tears and he even bothered to ask me what i tought! I was about to tell him off and give him false thoughts, but that would be wrong of me, so i lied and said that i was really happy for him. I let it go, that he liekd someone, cuz i truely believed it wouldn't affect our friendship. but i was wrong

"We used to always walk to school together, but one day he left without me! He went into school early to look for the one he loved and he was gonna confess, when he saw something shocking. His love was with someone else. As i was comming into school, he saw me and ran into my arms for comfort. I told him that i was here for him, forever. And he said "Yeah, you're the greatest friend ever" I felt so heart broken but atleast he knew i was around.

"Just a while ago, however, he broke up with his boyfriend, and started getting an intrest in me....i don't know whethear i should believe his confessions, touches and kisses or turn them all down.......Donghae ah, as a friend, can you please tell me what i should do??"

jaejin looked up, half in tears and got a shock when he found Donghae crying. Donghae stood up and said "You should believe in him....You sh-sh-should believe in his l-love" he choked out through sobs. "H....he did what i should've done  years ago!!!" Donghae said crying. "Jaejin, i used to love you but in reality, i only loved you as a brother! I know why i fell in love with you, and its becuz you were the exact reflection of the person i should've been with forever ago! bUT SINCE I'M SO BLIND I DIDN'T SEE IT!!" Donghae yelled at himself and called himself stupid. "All these eyars, he's been with me, taking all of my crap, and burden! All this time, because he loved me...." Donghae looked over at jaejin nd wiped his tears. "Thank you Jaejin, thank you for making me realize my biggest mistake." he ran over to jaejin and hugged him. "I own you one!" he said as he dashe dout of the school, in his search for Eunhyuk.


The YeWook couple, along with Sungmin and Eunhyuk, left the ice-cream shop and started there walk to school. two hours left before school started, and Eunhyuk was still sorrowful. His crying had stopped and he wore a ligh smile on his face. Sungmin wrapped an arm around his friend's shoulder and said "It'll be okay...maybe he had osmething urgent to do??". Eunhyuk looked at Sungmin's googley eys and found it hard to yell at him. "Last time he left without me, i found him running out of school in tears!" he said, bringing back the memory.

"I bet this time its different" Yesung said from the side lines. "Maybe something urgent rea;;y did come up" Ryeowook said looking at Eunhyuk with a concerned look. Sigh......i would yell at them, but i can't...Sungmin and his goggley eyes, Ryeowook and his smallness...yesung....Ryeowook would start to cry, and Sungmin would beat me up with his Martial Arts skills.

The trio walked, and walked and decided to stop at the park, and look at the trees. The three sat there. "Eunhyuuuuukie!!!!" they all heard a breathless voice say. They all turned around and found Donghae. "Fishy!" Eunhyuk sat up at looked at his breathless friend. Donghae ran to eunhyuk and fell on his knees infront of him. "Omo! Are you okay???" Eunhyuk asked, helping his Dongahe up. Lifelessly Donghae fell back down, on top of Eunhyuk by accident.

Sungmin, nervously looked at them then turned to face YeWook. "Oh look at the beautiful view! Look guys lets go over there!!!" he said grabbing YeWook by the hand and dragging them somewhere. Donghae giggled a bit at his friend's innocent cuteneess. He then turned his head to look at Eunhyuk who was mad red!

"I-i um..are you okay??" he said, trying to get rid of his emberrasment. Eunhyuk looked at his friend's eyes and noticed the red from tears. He then gasped and freaked out a bit. "Wh-who made your cry!?? I won't let the person who made my Fishy cry off the hook!" he said with anger flowing through him. He then stoped and retraced what he said Di-did i juts say MY Fishy!??? he looked at the blushing Fishy and said "Sorry, i..i didn't mean my Fishy ..i i  that was a miss-hearing of words! I meant to s-' he was hushed by Donghae's lips against his. Donghae blushed an even redder and Eunhyuk started to tear up.

Sungmin and YeWook who stood behind a tree, a big tree, hidding awwwed at there friends. 'Finaly!!!" Sungmin said with a smile crawinglin over his face. he turned to his brother nd his lover and saw them sharing a kiss too. "hey guys, you should pay attention HERE!" he said poking Yesung. They blushed at turned to look at their friends.

Donghae broke the kiss finaly, for the fact that he needed to breath. The breathless Eunhyuk layed under the younger male, beet red! "Wh-why-what?" he said looking at the boys eyes. Donghae hugged Eunhyuk. "Hyukkie, after soooo long, i've realized that you have always been there for me. I've always known that and i learned today that i've been hurting you inside. I've kept you and wanted you next to me, being selfish, not realizing the reason why you would always agree to stay no matter what it was! After my talk with Jaejin hyung, i finaly found out why! I found out why i tought i loved jaejin, and realized i'm the stupidest human alive!!!" he said with his eyes closed. He opened his eyes as tears fell down his cheek and he looked into Eunhyuk's eyes.

he hugged the older male again and said, "Lee Hyukjae, although i've been a horrible person and friend, please don't hate me!! Please please pelase! I swear i'll be good to you, and never take advantage of you or your friendship and your kindness! Lee Hyukjae, I love you! please be my lover for now and forever~" He looked at Eunhyuk, who just stayed silent and started to cry. Donghae got off Eunhyuk at sat on his knees. "Ahh..." he said, crying, "I-i-i gue-ss...i guess i-ve facce-d re-re-rejec-tio-n, hmm?" he choked out the words through sobs. Eunhyuk still shocked, sat up crawled over to Donghae, grabbed his face and kissed the boy deeply. After 2 minutes had gone pass, he broke the kiss and they looked at each other's eyes.

"Lee Donghae, I've always love you, since i met you! I've always been scared to tell you because i tought you'd be scared and stop being my friend.."  Eunhyuk said, now crying. "I love you, i love you, i..l=ove you!" he said hugging Donghae tightly. "I guess thats a yes???" Donghae asked, tears falling down his cheeks again. Eunhyuk nodded and kissed his new boyfriend once more.

Sungmin and YeWook who were taking pictures and video taping this, squaled like fan girls when EunHae official became one. The three children ran over to their friends and congratulated and hugged them. "yay!!!! First YeWook, now EunHae...*snif, sniff*...i feel soo special and lucky getting to experience this~!" Sungmin said pertending to cry. His friends laughed, and hugged Sungmin. "Minnie ah~ Now its your turn to find your true love..." Ryeowook whispered into his brothers ear. For the first time ver Sungmin turned a very light pink and nodded. "yes that id o" he laughed and said "I'm willing to wait even forever, if its what it takes to find my soulmate~"

With that, they all walked to school, with YeWook and EunHae holding hands and Sungmin in the middle, with an arm around Ryeowook, and Donghae, the happy 5 made it to school. They announced the news to the family and Teukie umma, like Sungmin nd YeWook, squaled and hugged his babies and said they were growing up too damn fast. He then turned to Sungmin and said "You're the only baby that hasn't found a lover, lets stay like that~" he said giggling, and hugging Sungmin. "That way my all my children won't desert me, atleast i'll have Sungmin to hug when i want to hug my children" he said. Kanging said "Youhave me!" nad they all laughed.

The happy family seperated and went their own ways, as school started.

[A/N]: I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!! I wanted to add Minnier's birthday here, for some reason, lol. I also made EunHae and opfficial couple, so all you silent Eunhae readers, you don't have to kill me anymore :D!!! Comments are appriciated, and loved. Critisims is also appriciated ^-^

Tags: eunhae, ft island, hanchul, jaejin, kangteuk, kyumin, shinee, super junior, taemin, yewook

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