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Behind that 'Smile' 5/?

Title: Behind that 'Smile'
Rating:PG-13 i guess...
Side Pairings: YeWook, EunHae, KangTeuk , HanChul, ZhouRy and more!
Chapter: 5/?
Genre:Romance, Comedy(?), Sad, Drama
Summary: As a kid, Sungmin was always abused by his mother. One day Minnie's mom came home drunk nd beat him and without knowing put him for sale. A new family bought him nd he suddenly gained a young brother, Ryewook. Minnie was kind of a loner and knew how to deal while being alone. One day Minnie's parents called him up to their room nd told them a horrible news. A depressed Sungmin, ran out of the house shedding tears, un-aware of his surroundings when a car rushed by! Just when he thought he had lost his life, a super handsome male saved him. Sungmin dn the male, Kyuhyun, befriended each other. Soon enough Sungmin realised what the warm feeling he got when being with Kyuhyun was from and suddenly, things changed. For the good or the worst in still to be discovered. 

After class was over, the happy, disfunctional family met up in the fields for lunch.
"So what!? I'm prettier!!" Heechul yelled.

"Ha! You wish! Hmph...at least my hair doesn't look like a freak show~!" Yesung yelled back at his hyung, turning his back on the older male. Heechul Exploded and ran towards Yesung, who was walking away. He jumped on the males back and started pulling his hair. Yesungturned around and got a hold of the older's hair. The two boys pulled each other's hair, and managed to fall on the ground kicking and hitting each other.

The fight lasted half a minute before the two boy's lovers seperated the them.

Ryeowook helped Yesung up and checked to make sure he wasn't badly hurt. After cheking, he embraced the older male. "Don't scare me like that, Sungie! i thought Heenim hyung was gonna take the person i love the most in this world away!" he said, crying on the male's chest. He kissed Ryeowook's head and pinched his cheeks. "I'm sorry, Wookie. I juts got mad that he insulted you!" he said, looking down at the smaller boy, whoes arms were wrapped around him, with gentle eyes. "I'll never make you worry again~" he said, placing a light kiss on the younger's lips.

As for the HanChul couple, they, like YeWook, were really gentle on each other.
Hangeng didn't bother to check if Heechul was alright, because he, knowing his lover, already knew he was fine. Instead he ran to the elder's side and hugged him tightly, from the back. He didn't say anything but for some reason Heechul smiled, kindly! "Don't do that, Chulie. Yesung might not be able to hurt you, but i don't like seeing you in danger....so please no more?" he said to heechul, with his rather broken korean. Heechul broke the hug, & turned around. He put his palms on the boy's face, lifted it up and said "I'm sorry, Kyungie..." Heechul deeply kissed his lover and hugged him. "I love you, Kyungie...i love you very much" he whispered into the younger's ear. The younger male turned a bit pink and whispered the words back to his lover.

The rest of the memberes all awwed at the PDA-ing from the two couples. "Okay, now that thats settled, lets be the happy family, that i've worked hard to establish~!!" LeeTeuk said, being hugged by appa. Everyone nodded in agreement. "So............" Heechul said, trying to kill the awkward silence. "Minnie, have you found that one person yet?" he asked, winking at the blushing Sungmin. "Ah, i..um... no" he said looking down. "Don't worry, Sungminnie, I bet you'll find them soon!" Yesung said poking Sungmin's cheek. He laughed and said "Hopefuly...i'm starting to feel lonely..." LeeTeuk looked at him rapidly with big buggy shocked eyes. "Wait, what!?" Everyone turned to look at their umma.

LeeTeuk had a look of a terrifide child, lost in the mall. "Umma...whats wrong??" Ryeowook asked, placing a hand on his umma's shoulder. "Mi-minnie..you can't leave me!" he said grabbing Sungmin's hand. "All my other children have left me, please stay?" he said half in tears. Sungmin didn't kno what to say, so he juts grabbed his umma's hand and held it. "If you find someone, you won't need me anymore!" he said in tears, this time. Sungmin smiled and hugged his umma. "Even if i do find a lover, umma, i will always need you~!" he said. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Why do you think we still hang out at your house off school time?" Eunhyuk said, giving his umma a reassuring smile. "Yah! If you think we would leave you and not need you anymore, would we really still call you umma, and call you at midnight when we are feeling down?" Heechul asked. "Yeah, and we wouldn't ask you for advice, or any of that!" Yesung said, after Heechul.

"See Teukie, our children won't leave you..." Kangin filled in. LeeTeuk nodded with the biggest smile ever. "Oh no...i feel a death hug comming on!" Donghae said, giggling. And he was right. LeeTeuk gave him children the biggest hugg ever. "Okay Minnie," he said looking at Sungmin. "Lets look for your soulmate!" he said cheerfully. Sungmin laughed and nodded.


The school bell rang, making the happy family go their seperate ways.


Sungmin walked down the hallway with a blank look in his face. Not a blank look...more like a thinkative one. Hmm...everyone seems to have luck with llove, except me! I mean even Jaejin hyung, who just two week s ago was being neglected is finaly with HOngki.....do i even deserve love? *sigh* I  said i'd wait forever, but thats becoming really hard. Sure Siwon, Kibum and Shindong don't have loves yet....but they choose not to. Me, i want someone....ugh...The theory of not deserving love ran through his mind several times. He looked down at the floor, not paying attention what was going on around him.

"Ah!" he said, as he felt something crash against him. He fell on the floor and looked up to see what he had crashed with or into. It was a boy. He had black hair, that looked kind of like Hangeng's but a bit longer and fuller. He had big chubby lips, taht were reallyy tempting, and he had brown eyes, that felt like they could look right through your soul. Sungmin felt a warm feeling crawl over his face as he saw the boy.

"Ah, I'm sorry!" Sungmin said, getting up. He offered his hand to the boy on the floor, and he took it. "I'm sorry. I spaced out a bit.." Sungmin repeated, looking up at the tall boy's eyes. His heart skipped a beat..no wait..mak ethat two beats. Whats wrong with me?? Hmm...maybe i should've had lunch! He bowed in apology again. The boy didn't say anything to him, and just smiled. Sungmin' sheart beat rappidly and could feel it skipping. 

"Ah, no its okay" the boy finaly said. He had a deep voice, that could make anyone melt. Sungmin felt his legs turn into jelly as he heard the male talk. Some how, though, he managed to stay strong. "I should apologize, i didn't see you comming." he said bowing at Sungmin. "Oh by the way..." he said "Whats your name?" he asked, with a smile over his face. "I'm Lee Sungmin..." Sungmin replied with a smile as well. "Oh, nice to meet you, my name is Cho-" he was cut off by the screaming of two boys. "Kyuhyun!" yelled the first one. It was a boy with like a dark black with a brown-ish tint hair, similar to Kyuhyun's but 2 cm longer. "Kyuhyun ah~ Come come!" said the other boy, who was really cute! He had hamster like cheeks, and had a light brown with a bit of red-orange colored hair.

"Henry, Zhoumi! Come here~" said the boy called Kyuhun. Zhoumi and Henry ran over to Kyuhyun's side. "Let me introduce you guys. Sungmin, this is Henry and Zhoumi. Zhoumi and Henry, this is Sungmin." Kyuhyun said, introducing his friends to Sungmin. Sungmin bowed as did the other two. Sungmin smiled a bit looking at Henry. Henry noticed and turned pink. He hid behind Zhoumi, who was taller than him. "He remind me of my baby brother, Wookie.." he said, pointing at Henry. The younger boy smiled and came out from hidding. Sungmin reached over to pinch his cheek, and the boy alowed him to do so.

Henry smiled at Sungmin. "Hyung, who is he?" asked the curious Zhoumi, standing next to Kyuhyun. "Lee Sungmin, i juts met him. I bumped to him by accident." he said, re-calling what had happened. Sungmin turned a slight pink. "I like him, hyung. He's cute!" Zhoumi said smiling at Sungmin who smiled back. "Yah! What about me??" Henry said poping up infront of Zhoumi, with puppy dog eyes. Zhoumi took a step and hugged the smaller boy. Guess they're lovers~ They sooo cute! Half as cute as YeWook ^-^ Sungmin thought, giggling at the couple.

"You know you'll always be the most adorable human ever alive to my eyes, Ryry.." he said, kissing the boy's forehead. Zhoumi then realised that Sungmin was ther and said "Oh um..it not what you think! I..um..i-" he said trying to come up with an excuse. "hahahah, its okay~ You guys are such a cute couple. Fluffy, like my brother and Yesung~!" Sungmin said, cutely. The two boys smiled brightly and hugged Sungmin. "I like him too!" said the hamster like Henry.

"Well we have to get going guys...Bye Sungmin, see you around!" Kyuhyun said smiling brightly at Sungmin, who turned a dark pink and waved back. "h..yeah, see you Kyuhyuun..." he said rather dazed. "Byeee Sungmin ah~!" the ZhouRy couple said, smiling. Sungmin said his byes to the trio and left.

Sungmin felt his heart beating crazyly. Whats wrong with me!???? Ugh! My heart keeps pounding and now it hurts ! ......*sigh* Aish.....Huh!? Wa-was is Kyuhyun who did thsi to me????? No i doubt it...but....*sigh* Sungmin's mind was now clustered with thought sand feelings, un-knowing of what to do.


The end of the day finaly came, and the family re-united and decided to all walk home. "Why don't you guys come over to our house?" Ryeowook said, inviting everyone to his house. "Yeah!" they all said smiling.

"Umma...umma.." Sungmin pulled LeeTeuk's sleeve and got his attention.

"What is it, Minnie?"

"Ummm...we...i..um..i think i might have found someone..." he said turning the darkkest red ever!

LeeTeuk looked at his 'baby and almost had a heart attck.

"YOU FOUND YOUR SOULMATE!?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!" he repeated, load as ever, stiull in shock.
Everyone turned around in shock, to find a beet red Sungmin and a shocked LeeTeuk, who was covering his mouth. "Minnie found what?!" asked Kangin running over to the two boys, freaking out. Everone runs over to then and starts asking if its true. "Uuuumma!" Sungmin says, whinning. "you aren't supposed to tell! PLus...i don' tknow if he is my soulmate...or even if i like him?" Sungmin said looking at the floor.

"Welll....Did your heart start beating like crazy and it started skipping a shit load of beats?!" asked Heechul, getting up on Sungmin's face. Sungmin nodded vigorously. Heechul stepped back abit, and grinned evil-like. And nodded "Mmmm....." he said still nooding his head. Sungmin looked at him curiously.

After a minute Heechul finaly stopped nodding. "Yup! He's your soulmate!" he said shrugging and winking at him. Sungmin turned red again and smiled. "Sooo..who's the lucky guy who get my hyung's love!? asked Ryeowook with sparkly eyes. "Kyu-Cho Kyuhyun" he said, his smiling turning brighter and bigger.  "Omo!" said Ryeowook bouncing up and down. "You mean him!?" Yesung said bouncing up and down too.

"Do you two know him?"LeeTeuk asked, placing a hand over their shoulder to stop thei rbouncing. "Yes! He along with Zhoumi and Henry Lou are, what the first years call, the Magic Trio...not sure why?" Ryeowook said, shrugging at the last part. "Its not Magic Trio, Wookie! Its Magnet Trio" Yesung said currecting his cut elil boyfriend and pinching his cheeks. "Oh..why" asked Sungmin, curiously. "Well..." Yesung said, holding back. "Well because i heard they have attracted every sing;e girl from AjooMi Academy for girls!" yesung said.

Sungmin felt his eyes spill a tear. He wiped away and said "Ah...." Yesung noticed this and said "But they turned all of them down, because they have no intrest in girls. ZhouRy is a thing, its only Kyuhyun who is available. But he never talks to anyone who he has no intrest on. In fact, he hasn't EVER said a word to a guy who wasn't his childhood friends Zhoumi and Henry." Yesung says placing a comforting hand on Sungmin's back.

Sungmin then gave the biggest smile of all (:D) LeeTeuk noticed it and smiled, as did everyone else. "Honey..Did Kyuhyun talk to you?" LeeTeuk asked wlaking towards the younger males side. Sungmin nodded, half jumping. Then the whole family cheered. "Then you have to get closer to him, baby!" the umma said hugging his child.


They all made it to the RyeoMin house hold, and walked in. The house was soo clean, it wasn't even funny! They all laughed at the house cleaness, because after Sungmin's birthday party, it looked like pigs lived in it.

As they walked into thekitched to grab some drinks they found RyeoMin's mom, with a sad look on her face. "Sung-Sungmin ah, honey..." she said wlaking over to her son. "Sungmin ah...Dad wants to talk to you....Please be strong my son...i know you are." She said letting go of Sungmin and ushing him lightly up the stairs, to appa's room.

"M-mom?" Ryeowook asked, making his way towards his mom. "Whats wrong? Why does dad need to see hyung?" he asked worried. Sungmin's mom started to cry. "I'm sorry, sorry...I didn't want your friends to see me crying, but...its just too hard!" she said apologizing to Ryeowook's friends. LeeTeuk walked over to RyeoMin's real mother and hugged her. "Mrs. Kim..whats wrong??" RyeoMin's mom sat them all down and told them what happened. They all gasped in shock and felt tears falling down their eyes.
"Poor Sungmin..." Leeteuk said, crying into Kangin's chest.


Sungmin felt his heart almost explode as he walked up the stairs full of anxiety. He walks into the room his father is in. "Sungmin ah..." his dad says wiping his tears. He stands up and hugs his son. "I'm sorry...life is a cruel thing, but some poeple get what they deserve." he says to Sungmin, letting him free.

"What..what are you talking about, dad?" he askes, for some reason he himself crying. His dad hands him a letter and Sungmin read its out loud.

"Dear Lee Sungmin, I am writting this letter to inform you that your birth mom, Lee SonGii, has been sent to jail due to illegal selling of a human being, you. We sent her in to court and she bursted out crying saying that she didn't knwo what she was oding at the time and that she wante dyou back. She said she regretted doing that. We let her go, because she seemed like a good soul, which the devil had stepped into that day 19 years ago. We got a call from a local resident saying that she was found on the ground, infrotn of the appartment she lived in, covered in blood. We investigated this an-a-and it  isnow cle-ar that sh-she- commited...sui-ce...."Sungmin's voice broke out in sobs and he trailed off. He ripped the letter and shoook his head in anger. "How..how can this be true!!?" he yelled and threw the pieces of paper at the wall. "Sungmin calm...calm down" his dad said grabbing Sungmin's shoulders. Sungmin shook himself fiercly and pushed his dad away.

His dad stumbled back, a bit, but regained his balence. "Life is juts shit!" he said ran ran down the staris. He ran into the living room, where all his friends where, looking at him in concern. He stopped and said "I don't need your go-dammned pitty! Use it on some on who lives a fucking happy life, like Ryeowook, but i doubt he'll ever need pitty..he's perfect!" Sungmin said, angry, still crying.

Ryeowook got up and ran to his brother and hugged him, but was pushed away, fircely by his brother. Sungmin fell on the ground and started to cry. Not because hwas in pian, but because it hurt him to see his brother like that. "Hyu-hyung..." he whispered through his sobs. Yesung got up, and punched Sungmin. "You don't have to be a bitch about it Sungmin!" He said running over to his boyfriend's side and hugging him.

"You says that now, but when you become a kid with no parents who was abbused at the age of two, then you can talk to me! Til then, you can't say shit!" Sungmin said running out of the house in anger. "Babyy!" LeeTeuk screamed after Sungmin, who totaly ignore dhim. "Lets go, by child needs me!" he said to the family , as they all got up and ran after Sungmin.


They act like they actually give a fuck, but they don't! They never had! They became my friends, out of pitty, and i don't want it! he thought. His mind and heart were all clustered with bad memories of his past. He ran throught the streets in tears, not able to see where he was going.

"Heeeeyy~" Henry said pointing at something, with his mouth opened. "Hm?" asked Zhoumi who turned to face his boyfriend. "Isn...sn't that Sungmin hyung!?!!!" he asked still pointed. Kyuhyun and Zhoumi turned around to find Sungmin running through the streets. As cars rode by, Sungmin carelessly just ran through, not knowing what was happening around him.

Kyuhyun almost had a heart attck when he saw Sungmin trip and fall on the ground, while a car rode at 50 mph, feet away from killing Sungmin. He ran like the wind to where Sungmin was, barely making it and then


The car stopped. Sungmin nowhere in sight. Henry closed his eyes and cried on Zhoumi's chest. Zhoumi looked down and sighed. 


[A/N]: OMG!! So much angst, ne? teheheh! I finaly decided to introduce Kyuhyun, and just because i felt like it, i added ZhouRy ^-^ cuz i love em~ lol. Many of you must be wondering "What the hell happened to KyuMin!??!!!!
My answer is........

wait til next chapter ^-^~!!!

And don't worry, depending on the feedback of this chappie, i'll write chapter 6 tomorrow!! :D

And a little side note!! I freaking love you all out there who take your time to comment, and those who just read this, THANK YOU~! I also want to thank god very very much! For the fact that, me being stupid accidentaly erased this chapter, and lost it forever...but some how i re-found it~!!! THANK YOU GOD AND MY READERS!!
i love you all~!

Tags: eunhae, hanchul, kangteuk, kibum, kyumin, shindong, siwon, super junior, yewook, zhoury

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