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A Different Point of View [Behind that 'Smile' Side Story]

Title: A Different Point of View
Rating: PG - 13 (??)
Genre: Fluffy, Comedy
Pairing: KyuMin (ish)
Side Pairing: ZhouRy
Disclaimer: I saldy don't own em T^T!! If i did, our OTPs would be real~! :3
Summary: This is the story on how Kyuhyun, Zhoumi and Henry met. And what they thought of Sungmin when they first met him ^-^
[A/N]:  A side story to Behind that 'Smile' . Just because i want to see what other people think of my story as it is so far. If i get god feedback then expect chapter 7 to be up and ready ^-^. But for now, enjoy this side story~

"Hey guys, it makes me wonder, how did we meet??" asked the cute mochi like kid by the name of Henry. The two other boys turned to look at him, and then faced each other and shrugged. "I can't remember??" Zhoumi said, thinking really hard. Kyuhyun looked at the two and then smiled. "Hold on..." he said, going through his back-pack. He dug throught it for 2 minutes exact and finaly found for what he was looking for. He smiled at the two boys and held up a handkerchief. It was light-blue with white clouds. A smiley face was on the end of it, and words were written on it. One set of words said "Next time you climb a tree, don't jump down til you're a reasonable height off the ground!! >o" And the words bellow said "Pulling stunds like that....someday you'll get hurt, i'm telling you!"

Henry turned his head sideways and grabbed the handkerchief. "What is it??" he asked looking at it. "A handkerchief..." answered Zhoumi, obviously. Henry shot him a look and shook his head. "Thats not what i meant! Kyu, what is it?? I mean this looks like my hand writting..but..." he said before being cut off by a luaghing Kyu. He sighed and looked at Henry. "Henli, don't you remember this???" he asked pointing at the silk in the boy's hand. He shook his head.


A small boy, about 7, ran towards the park in tears. He reached his destination, and walked up a hill. He looked up at the Cherry Blossom tree that stood elegantly infront of him, and he began to climb it. Once he was at the top, or atleast as far as he could go, he sat down and looked around. "Wah..." he said, in amazement. "Such a lovely sight!" A smile spread across the boys face and his tears were suddenly gone.

"Henliii!! Henli, where'd you gooo~!?!!" he heard a boy say. He looked down and saw a boy who looked about a year older than he was. I wonder who Henli is??? the boy wondered. "Mimi! Mimi!! Mimi i'm up here~~" he heard another boy, about 2 years younger than he was, say. He turned his head to his right and was shoked to find a boy sitting next to him. He almost had a heart attack and nearly fell off. The small boy grabbed his arm. "You aughta be careful!!!"  the small boy scolded. "Sorry..." he said.

The small boy smiled and took out his hand. "Hii, I'm Henlii Lou~ I'm 5 years old, what's your name??" he asked, still smiling. "I'm Cho Kyuhyun..." Kyuhyun replied, shaking the smaller boy's hand. "Yah! Henlii, get down, now~" the boy called Mimi said. Henry rolled his eyes. "Thats Zhoumi, my friend..*sigh*..he's to over protective tho!" Henry said. Kyuhyun nodded and laughed a bit. "Maybe you should get down...its dangerous up here!" Kyuhyun said. Henry smiled at him and said, "But you're up here!!" Kyuhyun, no able to think of a comeback just starred at the boy. Riiight....he thought. Henry laughed and said, "Okay okay, i'll get down. Mimi, i'm comming down!" Zhoumi from bellow, who was dragging two sleeping bags with him, set them down and nodded at Henry. The small boy climbed down the tree, branch by branch, til he was about half a foot off the ground.

He jumped down, alnding safely. "Hey, Kyu, come down too~" he said lokoking up a Kyuhyun and signaling him to get down. Kyuhyun the nodded and hung from the branch. "OMO!!" Zhoumi bursted out. "ARE YOU STUPID!?? DON'T DO THAT!! ITS DANGEROUS!!!" he yelled at Kyuhyun, who still hung form the branch, regardless. "No, no...its okay. I do this alot!" he said, reassuring them. Which didn't work. "NO! You get down safely!" he said pointing at Kyuhyun. "I'm fine! I just need to put my foot in this branch and...AH!" Kyuhyun's hand slipped off the branch. He fell down and hit the ground. "Ahh..." he said, his arm throbbing. "oge, uo an et off e now"(Okay, you can get off me now) he heard someone say, from under him. He looked down and realised he had landed on none other than the over protective Zhoumi. Kyuhyun gasped and got off the small boy."Aish, I'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry' i'm sorry.." Kyuhyun siad, feeling horrible about landing on Zhoumi. Zhoumi got up and glared at Kyuhyun. "I told you not to get off like that! And what do you do? Oh you get off like that!!" he said scolding Kyuhyun. One hand was pointing at Kyuhyun, while the other one was on his hip.

"Sorry..." Kyuhyun said one last time. Henry bursted out laughing. "That was awsome!!" the small said, hugging Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun smiled. "No, Henli, he's not a good role-modle for you!" Zhoumi said. Henry laughed. "No, its okay. I'm smater than that, no offence!" he said to Kyuhyun, who laughed. Henry then gasped at the isght of blood spilling from Kyuhyun's arm. He took out a light-blue handkerchief with clouds, and placed it on the boy's wound. "Hmm...Mimi, get my first aid kit, please~" he said poiting at a red box. Zhoumi got it and handed it to the smal boy.

Henry got out a white, long strip of cloth and wrapped it around Kyuhyun's arm. "Should be fine now~!!" he said smiling. Kyuhyun pet the small boy, and whispered "Thank you." Henry and Zhoumi grabbed two markers and wrote something on the handkerchief. After Henry finished writting whatever it was he was writting, he handed the cloth to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun read the messages and laughed. "Thank s for the advice Henry, and Zhoumi...i think you're right" he said, and everyone laughed.


A light bulb went off in both Henry and Zhoumi's. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!" they said, at the same time laughing. Kyuhyun smiled, and laughed along with the two. "I stillmean what i said!" Zhoumi said, playfuly hitting Kyuhyun on the shoulder. The three boys walked down the school's hall and Kyuhyun being a spazz, dropped his pencil. "Hold on guys, the pencil is running awaaaay!" he said chasing the pencil.

Too preoccupied but his rolling pencil, he didn't realize someone was walking towards him...or atleast in the same drection as he, and felt something hit him. He fell on the ground and heard an "Ah!" come from infront of him. He opened his eyes, and found a big eyed, boy sitting infront of him. The boy got up and offered his hand to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun took the boys hand and smiled. "Ah..I'm sorry!" the small boy said, bowing in apology."I'm sorry, i spaced out a bit...." he repeated. Kyuhyun smiled wider. Is he even a male!???! This is an all boys school.....but he doesn't look like a guy! Kyuhyun thought. Kyuhyun's heart srated beating faster and faster, and felt like he would melt anytime, but some how manage to hide it. The bow infront of him bowed again. Kyuhyun didn't say anything and juts smiled. "Ah, no its okay." he finaly said. The boy infront of him turned a slight pink, but Kyuhyun didn't notice it. "I should apologize, i didn't see you comming." he said bowing at Sungmin. "Oh by the way..." he said "Whats your name?" he asked, with a smile over his face. "I'm Lee Sungmin..." Sungmin replied with a smile as well. Kyuhyun's heart skipped a beat, seeing the boy smile. Why do i feel like hugging him and kissing him and just stealing him!!?!! Kyuhyun asked himself. "Oh, nice to meet you, my name is Cho-" he was cut off by the screaming of Henry and Zhoumi. "Kyuhyun!" yelled Zhoumi. "Kyuhyun ah~ Come come!" said Henry with his mochi voice.
"Henli! Zhoumi! Come here~" Kyuhyun called out to the two boys. The two boys looked at each other, and juts ran over to Kyuhyun."Let me introduce you guys. Sungmin, this is Henli and Zhoumi. Zhoumi and Henli, this is Sungmin." Kyuhyun said, introducing his friends to Sungmin. Sungmin bowed as did the other two. Sungmin smiled a bit looking at Henry. Henry noticed and turned pink. He hid behind Zhoumi, who was taller than him. "He remind me of my baby brother, Wookie.." he said, pointing at Henry. The younger boy smiled and came out from hidding. Sungmin reached over to pinch his cheek, and the boy alowed him to do so.

Zhoumi felt a bit jelous and just smiled. Arg...Henry doesn't even let me pinch his cheeks iwthout pouting...but it cute...but still!! Zhoumi thought to himself. Kyuhyun knew what his friend was thinking and juts poked him a bit. Henry smiled at Sungmin, while Zhoumi half msiled, half glared. "Hyung, who is he?" asked Zhoumi, standing next to Kyuhyun. "Lee Sungmin, i juts met him. I bumped to him by accident, as i chased after my pencil" he said, re-calling what had happened. "I like him, hyung. He's cute!" Zhoumi said smiling at Sungmin who smiled back. Tehheheheh, maybe that'll make Henli mad ^-^. Zhoumi thought, grinning. "Yah! What about me??" Henry said poping up infront of Zhoumi, with puppy dog eyes. Zhoumi took a step and hugged the smaller boy. Sungmin giggled at the couple.

"You know you'll always be the most adorable human ever alive to my eyes, Ryry.." he said, kissing the boy's forehead. Zhoumi then realised that Sungmin was there and said "Oh um..it not what you think! I..um..i-" he said trying to come up with an excuse. Crud!! What will he think of me...of us, after this??? Zhoumi freaked out in his head. "Hahahah, its okay~ You guys are such a cute couple. Fluffy, like my brother and Yesung~!" Sungmin said, cutely. The two boys smiled brightly and hugged Sungmin. "I like him too!" said the hamster like Henry.

"Well we have to get going guys...Bye Sungmin, see you around!" Kyuhyun said smiling brightly at Sungmin, who waved at them. "h..yeah, see you Kyuhyuun..." he said. "Byeee Sungmin ah~!" the ZhouRy couple said, smiling. Sungmin said his byes to the trio and left.

Henry giggled at Kyuhyun, which earned him a curios look from Zhoumi and a glare from Kyuhyun. "What!?" Kyuhyun asked, rather mad. "Oh nothing...Just the way you looked and drooled over Min was new~" Henry said making kissy faces at his hyung. Kyuhyun blushed hard, but looked away so the two didn't see. Zhoumi laughed, and hugged his mochi. "I noticed it too, but didn't wnat to say anything with Sungmin there~" he admitted.

"But what do you guys think??" Kyuhyun asked, looking at his friends seriously. Zhoumi let Henry free and put a hand on Kyuhyun's shoulder. "If you like him, you like him. I mean, you can't hep it, now can you?? PLus Sungmin hyung is cute, and seems like a good guy..." he said smiling at his friend. Henry nodded and put a hand on Kyu's other shoulder. "Yeah, Kyu. Thats what you told us when we told you we might be falling for eachother. And anyways, Min hyung seemes like he's been through hell and juts needs someone to take him to heaven, and make him happy. And Kyu, i think that person is you" he said, looking at his friend with a staright face. Henry then smiled. Plus its seemed like he likes you...but i'm not sure, so i can't tell him that! I should but i don't want to get his hopes up if i'm wroooong...Henry thought with a frown.

"Thanks guys!" Kyuhyun said, before trapping the two in a death hug.

[A/N]: Hope you guys liked~~
I decidded to only make it the first half of them meeting Sungmin. But if you guys want, i can write the second half (which is when Kyu confesses to Min). Should I?? ^-^ I'll let you be the judge of that. Once again. Hope you guys like it~ I had fun writting Henry and Zhoumi's fun self in this but i don't think i did a good job T^T Regardless, i still wrote it! :D
lol :p
Tags: kyumin, zhoury

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