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Behind that 'Smile' 7/?

Title: Behind that 'Smile'
Rating:PG-13 i guess...
Side Pairings: YeWook, EunHae, KangTeuk , HanChul, ZhouRy
Chapter: 7/?
Genre:Romance, Comedy(?), Sad, Drama
Summary: As a kid, Sungmin was always abused by his mother. One day Minnie's mom came home drunk nd beat him and without knowing put him for sale. A new family bought him nd he suddenly gained a young brother, Ryewook. Minnie was kind of a loner and knew how to deal while being alone. One day Minnie's parents called him up to their room nd told them a horrible news. A depressed Sungmin, ran out of the house shedding tears, un-aware of his surroundings when a car rushed by! Just when he thought he had lost his life, a super handsome male saved him. Sungmin dn the male, Kyuhyun, befriended each other. Soon enough Sungmin realised what the warm feeling he got when being with Kyuhyun was from and suddenly, things changed. For the good or the worst in still to be discovered.
[A/N]: Slight violence...not really..but kinda...^^; And some language..

Everyday that from that day was all fun smiles. Its been 3 months since then, and things seemed to be going well for everyone. "I don't, i don't know, i odn't know!" Ryeowook said...well yelled, to Kyuhyun. "Pleaseeeeeee!" he begged. Ryeowook looked at him and saw him on his knees. "Ummmmmmmmmm........" he said loking away. He smiled and said, "Fine~ I'll help you." Kyuhyun smiled and hugged Ryeowook. "Ahem!" went Yesung, who stood behind his Wookie. "Oh, sorry...." Kyuhyun said, letting Ryeowook free.

"Okay well, i'm not sure of anything right this minute....Give me two days, and i'll tell you everything~" Ryewook said, putting a hand on Kyuhyun's shoulder. "BUT!" he said looking at Kyuhyun dead in the eye. "I can't tell you what he's getting youuu" he said, sticking his tougue out. "And ofcourse i won't tell him what you're getting him, no ofcourse not~" he said, smiling evily. "You better not...." he said getting closer to Ryeowok. "Or else i'll tell Yesung what you're getting him." he whispered. The small boy blushed and shook his head. "No-no worries~" he said, laughing fakely. Ryeowook and Yesung walked away and left Kyuhyun alone.


"Aish! Where's Wookie and Yesung?????" Sungmin waited outside the school gates, for his brother and his lover. "Really...what are they do-" he said, cutting himself off. Omo!! Minnie stop thinking like that...thats not right! I mean...Wookie would never do that!....But...but he's with Yesung....Omo!!! No no no, Wookie is a good kid, he is...i have nothig to worry about.....O.O he thought to himself, freaking out. And finaly Yesung and Ryeowook made it to the front gates. When Sungmin saw Ryeowook smiling, he ran to him and put an arm around him. He turned to look at Yesung and glared a bit.

Yesung noticed and raised and eyebrow. "What? What?" he asked, wanting to know why Sungmin had glared at him. "What kept you two long?? What were you doing!??!!" asked the over-protective Sungmin. Ryewwook loked at him as if he was crazy, then realized it. Yesung and Ryeowook turned a dark pink. Yesung shook his hands and Ryeowook shook his head. "No! Omo, hyuuuuuuuuug!!!" Ryeowook said hugging Sungmin. "Its not like that Sungmin! You know i would never!!" Yesung said still shaking his hands.

Sungmin sighed and smiled. "Okay~" he said, cheerfully pushing Ryewook over to his lover. "Then what were you two doing??" he asked, full of curiosity. "We were talking to Kyuhyun, he needed help with stuff so yeah..." Yesung said, trying not to leak information. At the mention of his lover, Suingmin smiled, and dazed off. "Oh god, we lost him!!" Heechul said, popping out of the no-where wih Hangeng. Hangeng got infrotn of Sungmin, and waved a hand. Nothing. "Poke him!!" Yesung said, laughing. Hangeng poked hi. Still nothing.

"Hi, Minnie" Kyuhyun said, and Sungmin stopped dazing out. "Look, he's back on earth. Hello Lee Sungmin, you have reached your destination, Earth." Heechul said, jokingly.Sungmin stuck his toungue out at heechul and giggled. "Hmph..i don't get a "hi"?? Fine..." Kyuhyun siad, crosisng his arms and pouting. Sungmin looked up at the younger male and laughed. He got on his tip-toes and kissed the younger male on the lips, gently. "Wooooooooooooh!" Heechul said, laughing. Kyuhyun hugged Sungmin and kissed his forehead.

"Thats enught PDA now, kids!" LeeTeuk said, poiting at Sungmin and Kyuhyun. "Mmm...same rules for you umma!" Heechul said poiting at Kangin, who's arms where wrapped around LeeTeuks waist. The umma blushed. "Exactly!" Sungmin said. Kangin let go of LeeTeuk, and LeeTeuk pouted. Kangin hugged the umma, and he smiled. "Oh brother" Hangeng said, rolling his eyes.

"How come us are left out???" asked the mochi like Hanry, dragging Zhoumi to where everyone was. "Oh sorry, henlii!" LeeTeuk said, pinching Henry's cheek. "Watch ut umma, i think someone's glaring at youu" Eunhyuk pointed out. "I'm his umma!" he replied, laughing. "............Am i really related to you guys???" Kibum asked, lookign at everyone. "Related to me, saldy enough.." Kangin said, jokingly. "Its okay Kibum, god loves you." Siwon said, smiling. Heechul rolled his eyes, while the EunHae couple laughed.

"You guys are weird...." Zhoumi said. "Tobad, you're part o fthis..." Heechul said, making Zhoumi turn pink. "Children do your homework, or else!" LeeTeuk said, leaving the grup. "Sure..." Heechul said smiling. After the Umma was gone, he shook his head. "Well bye guys" Hangeng said, waving at the group. "Kyu, we should get going now~" Henry said, pulling Kyuhyun's sleeve. "Right..." he said, frowning. He gave Sungmin a gd-bye kiss and left. "Bye guys!!" Ryeowook said, smiling. "Yeah, i should go tooo" Yesung said, hugging Wookie good bye. "Are you kidding me??" Sungmin said, with his hands on his hips. "No, thats not right, yu kiss my brother bye, now" he comaned, winking at Ryeowook. Yesung followed the orders and kissed Ryeowook. "Bye guys" he said before leaving.

Ryeowook glared at the laughing Sungmin. "Hey, you know you want to thank hiim~" Donghae said, smiling. Ryeowook turned pink and hugged his brother. The four of them laughed as they walked home. When they finaly reached the RyeoMin house-hold, Donghae and Eunhyuk said bye.


The two boys walked in the house, laughing. "Well that was fuun~" Ryeowook said, taking of his shoes. "Yeah...i feel bad though!" Sungmin said pouting. "Oh, why??" the younger boy asked. "Oh because i ignored Hyunnie!!" he whinned. Ryeowook luaghed. "Hey, its okay, you made it up atleast..." he said, making a kissy face. Sungmin laughed and hit his brother's arm, playfully.

"You by's seem happy~" their mom said, smiling. The two nodded. "Can...can i talk to you boys....both" she asked, looking at them seriously. The two looked at each other and then back at their mom. "Yeah, sure. Whats up?" Sungmin asked. She signaled them to follow her, and they did. She led them to the kitchen table, and told them to sit. She smiled at them, and sighed.

"Do you boys have...um...you know...lovers??" she asked, still smiling. That question caught the two boys off guard. They turned a pink and looked at each other. They turned to look at their mom once more and nodded, at the same time. "I knew it!" she said standing up. "You two have been really happy and in great moods." she pointed out. They smiled. Their mom sat down again.

"So what are their names???" she asked, excitedly. "Cho Kyuhyun..." Sungmin said, smiling brightly. "Kim Jongwoon...but he goes by the name of Yesung." Ryeowook said, excitedly. Their mom raised a brow and shook her head. "Strange name for girls but okay~" she said, smiling again. Ryeowook and Sungmin stopped. They looked at each other and looked at thei rmom. "Umm...." Ryeowook said, avoiding eyes with his mom's. "What?" she asked, worried. "Mom....our lover...well...they aren't girls..." Sungmin continued.

Their mom stopped. "Nice joke, almost had be going there!" she said, laughing nervously. "Mom...its not a joke" Ryeowook siad, looking at his mom. "NO seriously, stop. Its not funny anymore!" she said, a bit mad. Sungmin grabbed her hand and held it tightly. "Mom!" he said looking at her dead in the eyes. "Its not a joke! Our lovers are guys!!" he said, pissed off at her. She glared at Sungmin and shook his hand off hers, fiercely. "What the hell??!!" she said getting up.

"No! No! I will not allow my sons to be...to be.." she said, stopping. "What!? To be gay!?!! Well mom learn to live with it!" Sungmin said standing up after her. "Hahah not in my house!" she said yelling at him. "Well too late mo, because you won't stop us!" Sungmin yelled back. "Listen to me here now, bitch. You listen to me. You will break up with those things you call "lovers". I bet those friends of yours are gay too. You stop all friendship you have with those queers." she said, looking at Sungmin and Ryeowook.

She can't do that! I won't let her do that!! Sungmin thought. "No" he said, calmly. "I'm your mom, so you'll do what i say" she said, in a clam yet harsh voice. "You're not my real mom so i don't have to!!!" Sungmin yelled. She took a step forward and slapped Sungmin as hard as she could. His cheek was red. Sungmin gasped, and fell on the floor. He held his right cheek, as it stung. Tears started forming in his eyes, but didn't let them free. "You should be fucking thankful that me and your dad had a good damn heart to take you is as our own fucking child!"she said, stepping on Sungmin's leg.

Luckly, however, she missed. He quickly moved his leg out of the way. "You're such a bitch, Sungmin. I could've left you in the streets to rot in hell. With your real mom being a slut and all...its no suprise you ended up being queer. I take you in and feed you and care for you, and this is how you thank me?" she yelled. Sungmin's face still stung but he stood up. "My mom isn't a slut!" he yelled at her, glaring. "Thats right, you are!" his 'mom' yeled. Sungmin was about to slap her. But didn't.

Instead Ryeowook stood up and slapped her. She gasped. Ryeowook stood infront of Sungmin and glared at his mom. "First of all, No one insults my Sungie! Second of all, no one insults my friends! And most importantly, No one insults my brother!" he yelled his mom, who held her face in pain. "Rye-Ryeowook...How could you?" she said, while crying. "You're my son, don't follow that queers example!" she said, pointing at Sungmin. Ryeowook grabbed the flower vase that stood in the table center and threw it on the floor. "You want to know whats sad?" he said, glaring at the lady on the floor. "Sungmin hyung has loved me, taken care of me, looked out for me, and spent more time with me than you ever have!!" he yelled. "I can't even call you 'mom' now without wanting to gag and kick someone. I love Sungmin more than i will ever love you!!" he said. His mom cried.

"I can't even live here anymore..." he said, turning his back and facing Sungmin. "Lets go Minnie.." he said, grabbing his brother's hand. "Ryeowookie..." his mom called after him. Ryeowook grabbed the closest object to him, which was a plastic cut, and threw it at her. Even though it missed, she cried harder. "You have no right to call me that. Have a fun life Mrs. Kim" he said.


Sungmin and Ryeowook packed their stuff. They took everythign that belong to them, minus the things their mother had given them They took what their dad gave them, however. Sungmin went to the living room to retrieve his glass bunny Ryeowook had given him, and saw a figure in the kichen. He turned around but saw no one. He also grabbed the silver box he had gottan from his sister. It was a silver jewlery box, that when you opened it the song "candy" by HOT (which Sungmin loves so much) would play. A pink bunny would go around in circles as well. Kyumi had given it to him as a birthday present 5 years ago. As he held the two in his arms, he felt something behind him.

He felt a throb in his back, then a chill going down his spine. He fell on the floor in pain. "Sungmin are you do-OMO!" Ryeowook said, as he walked down the stairs. He found Sungmin on the floor in pain, and their mom nehind him with knife. The tip had a red stain. Ryeowook ran down the stairs and pushed his mom. He helped Sungmin up. "Minnie, are you okay!??!" he asked in tears. Sungmin smiled and nodded. "yes, yes..." he said, sounding really weak.

"Just...just a bit of a sting on my back.." he said. Ryeowok pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.


At the LeeTeuk house-hold, the living room was full of chater. Kyuhyun, Zhoumi, Henry, Kangin, Kibum, Siwon, Heechul, Hangeng, Donghae, Shindong and Yesung sat in a circle. They were discussing of what to do for Eunhyuk's birthday which was next month. LeeTeuk was sad the RyeoMin brother's couldn't come, and was worried they hadn't picked up their cell phone. As LeeTeuk sat down next to Kangin he fell.

"Umma!" Heechul said, worried. "I-is it your umma sense??" Hangeng asked. LeeTeuk nodded. He tossed his cell phone to Yesung and said "Ca-call him..now!" Yesung caught the phone and knew exactly who LeeTeuk was talking about.

"hello!?!!" Yesung asked, startled.

"Sun-sungie??" Ryeowook asked, sobbing.

"Wookie!! Whats wrong, why are you crying???" he asked worried.

Everyone heard this and started pannicking. "PUT IT ON SPEAKER!!" Heechul commanded.

"M-my mom fou-found out abou-t me and Mi-minnie's lovers being g-uys and-and and...... and she started yelling! Minnie go-t pis-ssed and yelled back...an she slap-ed him so i slapped her an-nd she attacked Mi-nn-ie with a knife when he came down stairs to get his stuff...."

Everyone gased.

"Is..is our Bunny okay!!?!!!" asked Heechul, practically yelling at the phone.

"W'-we're going to-to the h-osp-ital now-w"

"LeeTeuk, despite his pain, got up. "We're comming! Kids in the car!" he commanded. Kangin got up to help him.

"Wookie..wookie, baby..it'l be okay...we're comming" yesung said, trying to calm Ryeowook. Through out the ride to the hospital, Yesung, along with Heechul and Henry sang songs to comfort Ryeowook through the phone. "Sungie...i love you..." Ryeowook said, causing Yesung to blush and the rest of the members to aww and cheer. LeeTeuk smiled, altho still worried. Yesung was quiet for a moment. "ANSWER HIM YOU STUPID RETARD!" Heechul yelled quietly in his ear. "Wookie, i love you too, forever" he said. Ryeowook giggled through his crying, and said "Thank you.."

"Kyu, Kyu...its gonna be okay...Sungmin is a strong boy...he'll make it!" Henry said, trying to comfort Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun's head was on Henrys lap as he cried. Henry ran his fingers throughKyuhyun's hair. "Yeah, Kyuhyun ah...have some confidence in him!" Zhoumi said. "I know my baby is strong, he is. Please also believe in him!" LeeTeuk said, from the fron seat. He turned around and held Kyuhyun's hand tightly. "If you belive in him, Kyuhyun, he'll get better...what? But..but hyuuuuung! .....Okay, fine...Kyuhyun. Minnie wants to say somethign to you" Ryeowook said. Kyuhyun got up and snatched the phone away from Yesung. "Minnie, Minnie!? Are you okay??" Kyuhyun asked, still worried.
"Hyunnie, I'm okay. Thank you for worrying about *cough* me....Don't worry so much~ *cough* I-i truely don-t think i'll make it....i feel my heart slow its rate, but talking to you is making it thump faster...Kyu...i want the best for you...fidn yourself a burden-less person, i'm no good....Kyu i love you..*sobs*" Sungmin said, sobbing a bit. "Minnie! Don't say that! I know you're strong, i know you'll make it! I only love you and will always only love you and no one else!" Kyuhyun said, almost crying. "Do you promise that?" Sungmin asked, already knowing the answer. "I don't promise that, i swear that!" Kyuhyun said, tears falling down his face.


As the family fianly reached the hospital, they got out of the car and ran inside. Everyone stared at them as they walked in, but in reality, they did care. Heechul, however, glared at everyone, and they all looked away. LeeTeuk walke dup to the lady on the front desk. "We are looking for Lee Sungmin!!" he practically yelled. "Um...Lee Sungmin..." she typed in the name in her computer. "Ah, that poor boy..what are you of his. only relatives may visit him." she said. "I'm his umma, and this is his appa, those children are his brothers!" LeeTeuk said. The lady's jaw dropped. "O-okay. Room 307" Once she had given them the number, they ran down the hall-way looking for the room.

The finaly found it, anmd Heechul bursted through the door. Ryeowook looked up at them. They all gasped when they saw his eyes red, really really red! Yesung ran to him and hugged him. "I have a better idea.." Heechul said. He grabbed Ryeowook's arm, pulled him up, kissed him in the forehead, pushed Yesung into the seat, and then pushed Ryeowook onto Yesung's lap. "There" he said trying to smile. Hnery ran into the room and hugged Ryeowook. "Wook, are you okay??" he asked with his mochi voice. Ryeowook smiled and nodded.

He turned his head to see his brother and then started crying again. This time crying on Yesung's chest. Kyuhyun entered the room, and at the sight of Sungmin, broke down in tears. Everyone turned to look, and started to cry also. Needles of all sort stuck in his arm. Weird suction cups attached to his head, and an oxygen mask. Kyuhyun walked over to Sungmin and sat on a chair next to him. He grabbed the boy's hand and squeezed it tightly.

The other members sat in a circle around him. They sang songs to him, and told him jokes, and funny stories from the past. Sungmin smiled, laughed, awwed and oooo'd at the stories and jokes. Soon after he started to cry. "Oh honey!! What what?" LeeTeuk asked, as he saw Minnie cry. "I'm just so happy you guys are doing so much, just for me~" he said, smiling. They all hugged him, lightly. Kyuhyun wiped his tears and placed a deep but gentle kiss on teh older male's lips. As time went by, all 15 members fell asleep.

Ryeowook feel asleep on Yesung's lap, with his head on Yesung's shoulder. Yesung rested his head on Ryeowooks. Henry's head was placed on Zhoumi's lap, as Zhoumi sat on the floor against the wall. Eunhyuk and Donghae, cuddled against each other, Eunhyuk wrapping and arm around Donghae. LeeTeuk sleeped side ways, his back leaning against Kangin's shoulder. Siwon, Kibum and Shindong sleped againt the wall. HanChul sleped like YeWook, but on the floor. Kyuhyun layed his head on Sungmin's body, as he held the older male's hand tightly with both hands.

The door to Sungmin's room opened and two figures walked in.

"Awz, they're all so cute!!" figure one said.

"Did they have a sleep-over??" asked figure two.

"He's in pain! Would they have a sleep over???"


Figure 1 walked around seeing everyone individualy. "Oh i know him! And him, and him, and him, and oh he's new!, but i know hiiim~" said the first figure. "I wonder what the 3 magnets are doing here?? Oh! So Kyuhyun's lover is Sungmin!! Cute" figure two said.

"Who are you guys??" LeeTeuk asked, waking up. "HOLY GOD!" figure one said. "SHHH!" the 2nd figure said. "Sorry to have scared you..Taemin, right?" asked LeeTeuk giggling a bit. "Yes~ I'm Taemin!" he said, cheerful as always. "I'm Kyujong, 2nd year. I'm one of Sungmin's friends" the second figure, Kyujong, said, smiling. "Ah~ So you're the famouse Kyujong. Minnie talks about. Thank you for helping him in Biology" LeeTeuk said, smiling. Taemin gasped sharply, and both boys turned to look at him. "What wrong??" LeeTeuk asked. He pointed at Sungmin and started to cry. LeeTeuk ran over to him and hugged him. "Its okay, he's okay...he's just sleeping right now~" he said, comforting Taemin.

"Taemin ah~ Kyujong ah~" Sungmin said with a weak voice, sitting up. Kyuhyun woke up and hugged Sungmin. "SUNGMIIIIN!!" Taemin yelled, causing everyone to wake up. Taemin ran to Sungmin and hugged him. Kyujong walked to Sungmin, and hugged him after Taemin. "Are you okau hyuung??" Taemin asked, worried. Sungmin nodded and smiled at them. "You're really hooked up" Kyujong said, looking worried. "Un..Today they'll be putting stiches on my back, and then i can go home." he said smiling. "Thats good~" Taemin said, sighing with relief.

A very old and tall man entered the room and got scared at the sight of so many people. He fixed himself up and continued to walk in. "Lee Sungmin...i'll guess you're the one on the bed.." he said, jokingly. Sungmin smled and nodded. "Its time for your stiches..." he said looking at him. Everyone all gasped at the same time. The doctor got startled. "I'm gonna have to ask you all to wait in the waiting room." he said, looking around him. "Except!" he said. Everyone looked up at him. "One person to calm him while we put the stiches...." he said. Everyone started fighting over who should stay.

"I'm his best friend!" Taemin said.

"I've known him longer!!" Donghae said.

"he tells me everything!" Eunhyuk said.

"He's my son!" Kangin said.

"He's my bunny boy!!" Heechul said, wrapping an arm around Sungmin's.

"He needs god on his side!" Siwon said.

"I'm his brother in law!" Yesung said.

"I'm his brother!!!!" Ryeowook said.

"I'm his umma, but i know who should go." LeeTeuk said.

They all looked at Kyuhyun, even Sungmin himself. Kyuhyun stood up, still holding Sungmin's hand and said "I'll go." The Doctor nodded and led them both to a different room. The other 15 members left and sat at the waiting room.


After 3 1/2 hours of agonizing pain for Sungmin and Kyuhyun, and pannic for the others, Sungmin was finaly free to go home. When they were leaving the hospital, FINALY, Taemin noticed Ryeowook carrying two suitcases. "Hmm??" he asked pulling on Ryeowook's sleeve. LeeTeuk noticed them too and looked worried. "What are those??" he asked with a concerned look. "We're leaving home!" Ryeowook said glaring at the air infront of him. "Where are you guys gonna goo!??!!" ask the concerened Donghae. Ryeowook sighed and looked down. "We don't know..." Sungmin said sighing as well.

Everyone then started offering their homes. Kyuhyun and Yesung offered their homes like 50 times. "Why not stay at my place???" Leeteuk offered. Everyone agreed that would be the safest place for now. They agreed to that offer. "Umma, do you live alone??" Ryeowook asked, curiously. LeeTeuk nodded. "There's like 13 rooms in my house, and only me..." he said frowning. "OH MY GOD!!! I JUST HAD A GREAT IDEA!!!" Heechul yelled. They all turned to look at him, who smiled evily. "Why don't we all move into Teukie umma's house??? That way we'll all be together~" he said. Everyone smiled. LeeTeuk stopped for a moment then started jumping up and down. "I like that idea!!!" he said, everyone agreeing. He ran over to Heechul and hugged him. "Heenim actually had a good idea for once..." Hangeng said laughing.

"all my ideas are good, but you guys find them different!" he said pouting. Everyone left to go pack. Apperently none of their parents had issues with them leaving. Like Heechul's parents said Bye happily and threw a party after wards. The only parents who had issues were Henry's, and that to be expected, but when Zhoumi said he was going they said yes. Like that the happy family all moved in.

"How are we seperating rooms???" asked Taemin who joined to help them set up. "Another idea comes to the great Heenim's head~" Heechul said. "HanChul, KangTeuk, YeWook, KyuMin, ZhouRy, EunHae, KiWon, and Shindong~" he said smiling. Everyone once again agreed. Even the umma. They went to set up their rooms. Taemin decided to help EunHae first, and make friends with them.


Sungmin started to unpack his things, placing them where he thought they should be. Kyuhyun noticed many of Sungmin's things were pink and bunny. Sungmin got out the glass bunny Ryeowook had given him and placed it on the book case. He smiled at it, and just as he was about to turn around, he felt something crash against him. Kyuhyun hugged the small boy. "Hyunnie...whats wrong??" he asked, worried. He didn't say anything. Instead he secretly slid a hand up Sungmin's shirt, and felt the older males chest. Sungmin gasped and blushed a very noticable red.

Kyuhyun then traced the male's stomach, drawing hearts with his finger. Then he wrote "Saranghae" and pushed himself away from Sungmin. Sungmin got startled at the sudden movemnt. He turned around, still red, and looked at Kyuhyun with his big eyes. "Why's you stop??" he asked, in a very low voice. "I-i don't want to hurt you..." he said, looking away. Kyuhyun turned around and started fixing his things. Sungmin ran towards him and hugged him. "You won't" he said. Kyuhyun turned around, and pushed Sungmin onto the bed. He climbed on ther bed and took Sungmin's shirt off.

He started kissing the older male's chest. Sungmin moaned a bit, quietly. "Hyuuung, i think this is- HOLY JESUS!!" Ryeowook said, as he walked in on the two. Kyuhyun got off Sungmin and stood there blushing. Sungmin covered his chest with his shirt, and turned red. "I'm so sorry!!" Ryeowook said, covering his eyes. Dammit!! Wookie isn't supposed to see this!! Sungmin thought, hitting his forehead with his hand. "Wh-what is it Wookie??" Sungmin  asked, still emberrased. Ryeowook couldn't look at Sungmin. "I'm sorry" he said again.

Yesung had heard his lover scream, therefore ran to him. "Wookie whats w-OMG!" he said, as he found KyuMin blushing, and Sungmin without his shirt. "I'm sorry" he said covering Ryeowook's eyes. "You're not supposed to see this!" Yesung said to Ryeowook. LeeTeuk heard his children scream and was now really curious. "Okay, okay, what goi-OMO!!" he said, at the sight of Sungmi without his shirt. He looked at Kyuhyun, who just blushed. Heeechul also ran in. "Whats going on seriously! I'm trying t-Oh snap! Did you two just try to..oh thats dirty!" he said laughing. "Like you haven't done it with Hangeng Kyuhyun said. Heechul stopped laughing. "I'm older!" he said in a growling tone. LeeTeuk looked at the two and said, "Now kids, we're gonna have atalk after this!" and left. Ryeowook and Yesung left too. "You know..." Heechul said, grinning. "If you're gonna do this sorta thing, lock the door first!!" he said, before leaving. 

"Oh gosh..." Kyuhyun said. "I'm sorry!!" he apologized to Sungmin who just shook his head. "Not your fault..." Sungmin said. Kyuhyun walked to Sungmin and made out with him. "Oh Sungmin, you forgot this in the ho-%*!($%^#!!" Taemin said. He ran out of the room not wanting to know what was going on. Kyuhyun and Sungmin looked at each other. "Okay, lets not continue, for now!" Sungmin said, putting his shirt on again. Kyuhyun nodded in agreement.


[A/N]: I hope you guys liked this chapter~ I had fun writting it...well the last part XD. I want to say one thing SORRY for making Sungmin get hurt like that T^T. But hey, atleast i mad eit up with the last part...hopefully? lol. One more thing you should know is that in my foc KiWon (Kibum and Siwon) are athing...weird...yes....but ....yeah.... ^^; I hope you guys liked it...although it was long as hell XD! Comments are loved, not mandatory 

Tags: eunhae, hanchul, kangteuk, kiwon, kyujong, kyumin, shindong, taemin, yewook, zhoury

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    Title: 10 Second Miracle~ Pairing: YeWook Side Pairing: KyuMin, HanChul, KangTeuk, EunHae, KiWon, ZhouRy, more? Chapter: prolouge Rating: PG-13…

  • Behind that 'Smile' 10/?

    Title: Behind that 'Smile' Rating:PG-13 i guess... Pairing:KyuMin Side Pairings: YeWook, EunHae, KangTeuk , HanChul, ZhouRy Chapter: 10/?…

  • Behind that 'Smile' 9/?

    Title: Behind that 'Smile' Rating:PG-13 i guess... Pairing:KyuMin Side Pairings: YeWook, EunHae, KangTeuk , HanChul, ZhouRy Chapter: 9/?…