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Behind that 'Smile' 8/?

Title: Behind that 'Smile'
Rating:PG-13 i guess...
Side Pairings: YeWook, EunHae, KangTeuk , HanChul, ZhouRy
Chapter: 8/?
Genre:Romance, Comedy(?), Sad, Drama
Summary: As a kid, Sungmin was always abused by his mother. One day Minnie's mom came home drunk nd beat him and without knowing put him for sale. A new family bought him nd he suddenly gained a young brother, Ryewook. Minnie was kind of a loner and knew how to deal while being alone. One day Minnie's parents called him up to their room nd told them a horrible news. A depressed Sungmin, ran out of the house shedding tears, un-aware of his surroundings when a car rushed by! Just when he thought he had lost his life, a super handsome male saved him. Sungmin dn the male, Kyuhyun, befriended each other. Soon enough Sungmin realised what the warm feeling he got when being with Kyuhyun was from and suddenly, things changed. For the good or the worst in still to be discovered.
[A/N]: SMUT!! KyuMin, KangTeuk (ish), HanChul (ish) and YeWook (ish). I WANT TO APOLOGIZE in advance, for breaking up YeWook for a bit T^T But i made it up! Hopefully......

Sungmin and Kyuhyun sleeped snuggled together. Sungmin woke up to the sound of his cell phone and picked it up. "Hello??....hello!?" he asked, the realised it was his alarm. He looked at Kyuhyun, who slepped like an angel. Sungmin licked his lips and suddenly felt this weird urge run through his body.He started kissing the younge's lips. Then moved to his neck. Soon enough he was pulling Kyuhyun's shirt off and kissing his chest.

He nibbled on the males nipple, and that finaly caused Kyuhyun to wake up. "Mi-Minnie!" he gasped.
"What ar-ah!" he said, being caugh off by Sungmin's sudden grope on the male's manhood. "Minnie...what are you doing??" he asked, breathlessly. Sungmin looked up at the younger's eyes and licked his lips again. "I want you, Hyunnie...I want you so badly, don't strugglee!" he replied, pulling the male's pants down. Sungmin blushed at the sight of his lover's member.

He pulled the younger's boxers down and finaly uncovered Kyuhyuns private. Kyuhyun blushed and looked away. Sungmin grinned evily and said "Yummy~ My baby has a big one, yay for me!" Sungmin took the male in his mouth and started sucking, causing Kyuhyun to moan with pleasure. Sungmin moaned too and smiled. "One point for me!" he said, continuing to suck on his lover. He nibbled a bit on it and made Kyuhyun cum. Kyuhyun moaned and gasped for air. "Hmm...i've won!" Sungmin said, leaving the male's memebr. Sungmin started stripping infront of Kyuhyun.

One his shirt was off, Kyuhyun pushed him down on the bed. "Hm, I'll do the rest!" he said, helping the younger pull his pants and boxers down. Kyhyun doesn't waste time, and pulled both at the same time. Sungmin moaned."Now its my turn to have a taste of you" Kyuhyun said, evily. Hescuked Sungmin, hard, and Sungmin gasped. "Ah..Kyu!" he said, tugging on the younger's hair slightly. "Co-come in me, NOW!" Sungmin demanded. Kyuhyun stopped and looked at him. "But you aren't ready" he said, but Sungmin turned to his back side. "F*ck that, just come!" he said.
Kyuhyun shook his head, and fllowed his hyungs order. He inserted his member inside his lover, and moaned loudly. "Ah!" Sungmin said, gripping the bed. Kyuhyun went in and out, thrusting his member into his lover, til he finaly found his sweet spot. "AHH!!" Sungmin moaned, finaly cumming...hard! "Now, i've won!" Kyuhyun siad, getting out of the small boy.He turned Sungmin over, and licked the cum off the small boy's body, then fell beside him.

The both gasped breathlessly.Sungmin smiled and pulled the blanket over them. He snuggled close to Kyuhyun. "You're very good~" he whispered, causing Kyuhyun to blush. He kissed the smaller boy's head and said, "You're very delicious~"


From the other side of the door, Heechul stood frozen "HOLY ^*)^%#$@@!_@^!!! Did they just...?!! UMMA!!!!" he said, running through the hall and down the stairs.

Everyone sat in a circle downstairs discussing school..yes...school. Everyone just talked quietly when they heard Heechul scream. They all looked at the stairs and watched a terrified Heechul dash through them and next to LeeTeuk. "UMMAAAAA!!!" he yelled into LeeTeuk's ear. LeeTeuk shrugged.

"You know...You don't have to SCREAM!!" he said, rubbing his ear. "Sorry..." Heechul said. "Now child, whats wrong??" LeeTeuk asked, paying attention now. "KyuMin...with moaning...and the screaming...and the METAL SCARRNESS!!!" Heechul siad, covering his face.

They all looked at him as if he were on drugs. "I think he's trying to say that KyuMin was being..DIRTY!??!?!!!" Kangin said, shocked. Everyone's jaw dropped open, and LeeTeuk turned a very bright red...with anger! "Honeys cover your ears, unless you want to be deaf forever..." he said, smiling.

Everyone did so. "KYUHYUN, SUNGMIN GET YOUR $%^ DOWN HERE!!!!!!!!" LeeTeuk screamed so loud, that everyone across Asia could hear. Everyone got startled.


Back in the KyuMin room, where the two sleeped delightfuly, they felt their hearts jump out and their ears bleed, as they heard LeeTeuk's yell. "U-umma's calling us...." Sungmin said in fear. "F*ck....." Kyuhyun said. "Get ready, FAST!!" Sungmin said. The two put on anything they found first thing, which were their pjs. They ran down the stairs, well more like dashed.


The once happy family, was now all pannicking at the fact KyuMn had sexual interaction. LeeTeuk was close to tears, and the rest were in fear. Even Heechul! "Umma, did you call us??" Sungmin asked, acting like he had just woken up. Kyuhyn yawned behind him. "What were you two doing????" asked LeeTeuk, worried, like the umma he is. Sungmin tried really hard not to blush, and said "Sleeping, its so early in the morning~" LeeTeuk looked at them not believing, then he started to cry.

Sungmin and Kyuhyun gasped, and everyone just shook their head at the two, and ran to hug their umma. "U-umma, whats wrong??" Kyuhyun asked, feeling rather guilty. "I-i thought yo-u guys wou-l-d trust me!!" he said, through sobs. Sungmin started crying. "UMMA!!" he said, hugging Teukie. "I'm sorry, we didn't mean to lie!" he said, hugging his 'umma' tightly. "Teukie umma, i'm sorry too!!" Kyuhyun said, sniffing.

LeeTeuk stopped crying, and everyone sat in a circle. He smiled and Heechul's eyes widen. "Oh god!" he said, trying to run away, but was being held down by LeeTeuk. "NOOOOOO!!!" Heechul said, trying to crawl away. "What??!" asked Donghae getting scared himself. "HE'S GONNA GIVE US THE SEX TALK!!" Heehcul said, and everyone started screaming.

"Children, settled down, dammit!!" LeeTeuk said, getting a bit angry. Everyone whinned. "I've heard this talk 6 times and its still mentaly scarring!!" Heechul said, LeeTeuk nodding. "First off, don't have sex somewhere were smaller children/younger people are...Its not good for their brain, & mental knowledge!" LeeTeuk said. Heechul opened his mouth, but LeeTeuk covered it. Everyone looked at him curiously, and LeeTeuk gave a nervous laugh.

"What was Heech-" Henry started getting caught off by LeeTeuk's "Nothing!" outbusrt. Everyone turned to look at Kangin who gave a smirk. They all looked at each other, than shivered. Heechul nodded, and LeeTeuk frowned. "Moving on......." Yesung said, trying to kill the awkward silence.

"Teukie-umma, continue on..." Heechul said. "Second of all, if its in a public place with dorrs, LOCK IT!" He said, smiling. Everyone looked at each otehr again. "Why?" asked Zhoumi, who got a worried look from Kangin. "Umm...Just..juts from knowledge..." the umma said, nervously.

"Hmm...You should tell them umma! Better yet, i'll tell them!" Heechul said, standing up with a smirk crawling on his face. "Once, about 5 years ago, when only i was their 'child', We three went to eat out at some Ramen shop. And so LeeTeuk wanted to wash his hands before eating. Kangin appa followed.

After about 35 minutes, i got tired out waiting, and the food was out, so i decided to go tell them to hurry. As i opened the bathroom door they wre ha-" Heechul said, before LeeTeuk tackled him to the ground. "Don't tell the children that!!" he said. Heechul escaped the tackle. "They were having it, and not in the stalls, just out in the open...and it was a family bathroom. So the two were too busy screwing each other, and didn't notice a 5 year old walk in on them

The little girl stared at them and then asked me "Why are they wresteling without clothes like that??"." Heechul finished, laughing. Everyone looked at the KangTeuk couple and laughed quietly. "Ugh...." Kangin said, himself snickering. "Hey, lets not get started about you Heechul!" LeeTeuk said, grinning evily.

"Unlike you and Hangeng, me and your appa did it inside a room. Kids let me tell you about the time Heechul and Hangeng also did it IN A CHILDREN"S PARK!" LeeTeuk said, Heechul gasped, and his eyes widen. "No, no, no, no!" he said, in fear.

Hangeng slapped his forehead. "Umma, not that please!" he begged. "We were babysitting a couple of children, about 5 all of the age 3 & 4, and Hangeng got horny, Heechul noticing, decided to 'help' him. So on the swings, Hangeng sat there and Heechul scuked him, and everyone walking by saw. The children's parents were walking by, and got mentaly scared.

The 3 year old, Mi-chan, asked "Unnie, what are you doing? and Heechul answered him "Sucking a cock" so the boy asked if it was good and Heenim yes "Delicious" so the boy asked him "Can i have some??"

And Heechul stoped, glared at Mi-chan and said "Get your own, this one is MINE!" so Mi-chan walked up to his dad and asked him "Daddy i want to suck a cock, can i have one?"." LeeTeuk said, with a look of revenge on his face. Heechul's jaw dropped. And everyone looked at Heechul. Heechul glared at his umma, and jumped on him.

The two started to fight. Heechul would pull LeeTeuk's hair, and LeeTeuk did the same. The appa and the children just watched, as the two yelled at eachother and faught.

"Should we stop them?" Henry asked.

"Nah! This is entertaining...hahahah" Eunhyuk said.

"God would not appreciate this, but its pretty darn funny!" Siwon said, laughing.

"Heechulie brought it upon himself..." Hangeng said, shaking his head.

"Where's the popcorn now!?!" yesung asked, groaning.

"Right, here..pass it around..." Sungmin said, holding a very LARGE bowl filled with popcorn.

"YAY!" Ryeowook said.

"Did you gusy see the weather yesterday?" Zhoumi asked.

"Yeah...I heard its going to snow!!" Donghae said.

"Thats in Japan, Fish!" Kibum scolded, while laughing.

"Tomorrow we should go shopping..." Kangin said.

"Food..." Shindong followed.

"Clothes!" Sungmin said.

"Lets go to the hair salon instead!" Yesung said.

The 13 members sat there discussing everything while HeeTeuk still faught. "Okay, lets stop them...." Siwon said. Everyone groaned. "Why?? Cuz god won't like it??" Kibum asked, mocking his lover. "Siwon shook his head. "No...there's no more popcorn!" he said, and everyone gasped. "Okay, lets stop them. Hangeng Kangin control your lovers!" Henry commanded. Hangeng and Kanginfinaly separated tthe two.

"Well this was rather a fun sex talk we had, wasn't it kids?" Kyuhyun asked, laughing. Everyone nodded. Heechul and LeeTeuk looked at each other and glared, then laughed. "Sorry umma..." Heechul apologized, holding out his arms, for a hug. LeeTeuk ran into the younger male's arms and hugged him. "I'm sorry Heechul!" he said.


Ryeowook and Yesung walked back to their rooms, tired after a long random day. "Can't believe what Minnie did with Kyu!" Ryeowook said, pouting. Yesung smiled. He pinched his lover's cheeks and then kisse dthem. "He was going to sooner or later~" Yesung said. Ryeowook stopped, and nodded his head. "Yes, but....I mean..." he said, trying to come up with something.

Yesung smirked evily. "You know..." he said, getting closer to Ryeowook, who backed away. "You know....we could also...." he said, still walking towards Ryeowook until he finaly fell on the bed. "We could also do dirty thing~" he finsihed, smirking again. Ryeowook looked terrified, but before he could object, Yesung got on top of him and started kissing the younger male's neck.

Ryeowook moaned slightly, making Yesung a bit hard. "Hmmm..looks like you want me too" he said, teasingly, as he rubbed Ryeowook's hard length. Ryeowook gasped, and moaned at the same time. He tried to shake his head but ended up nodding. "Well then....I want you too, problem fixed right?" Yesung asked, slidding a hand down the younger's pants. Ryeowook let out a light scream.


As Kyuhyun walked by from the bathroom, he heard a moan comming form the YeWook room, and ran back to his and Sungmin's room. "I THINK YOUR BROTHER IS HAVING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH SEX GOD YESUNG!!!" Kyuhyun said, as he ran into the room. Sungmin's eyes widen, and he dashed down the hall.

He stopped infront of the YeWook room and stood there. "But Hyunnie, i don't hear anything!" Sungmin said, tapping his foot. "I swear i heard a moan, just like the sexy one you gave earlier.." Kyuhyun said, smirking. Sungmin blushed, and before he could say anything he heard his baby brother moan. "Oh hell no!" he said, as he bolted through the door.

Yesung, who sucked on Ryeowook's member, stoped, and gasped. Ryeowook opened his eyes, and blushed really red, when he saw his brother. "WHAT!?" Sungmin asked, shocked. "Yesung, what are you doing to my baby brother!?" asked the over protective Sungmin. "Blowjob" Yesung answered grinning. Sungmin's eyes widen, and Ryeowook stood up and ran in between Yesung and Sungmin.

"No! Hyung!" he said, looking at his brother. Sungmin looked at him, with a gentle look in his big eyes. "Hyung, i wanted it...I'm sorry....." Ryeowook said, looking down. Sungmin gasped. "Bu-but...then...then that means you are growing!" Sungmin said, terrified. "Hyung, ofcourse i'm growing up! But no matter what, i'll always be your baby brother!!" Ryeowook said, hugging his brother.

"No matter what happens, i'll always love you the most!" Ryeowook reassured his brother. Sungmin smiled brightly and nodded. "Okay, but be safe!" Sungmin said. "Oh and Yesung..." he continued before leaving the door. "Use lube, makes it easier!" he finished, laughing a bit. Yesung smirked, and nodded. Ryeowook looked rather terrified, but excited. Before leaving Kyuhyun gave them one last tip. "Lock the door..." he said, winking, locking the door himself.

"Gah!" Ryeowook said, hidding under the blanket sheets, a really bright red. "Want to continue?" Yeusng asked, jokingly, but to his suprise Ryeowook nodded. Yesung coughed a bit, and smierked. "Well then...." he said, walking to the bed next to his lover. Yesung pulled the boy's pants off once more, and just as he was about to resume his sucking, he stoped.

Ryeowook got shocked at Yesung's sudden stop. Yesung got off Ryeowook and off the bed. He stood there looking at the floor and then looked at Ryeowook. "I'm sorry...I can't do this...." he said looking down again. Ryeowook felt something stab through his heart. He got off the bed, and hugged Yesung from the back, almost in tears. "Wh-why???" he asked, in a hispering tone.

"I...i don't kow.....I want you so badly! I want to be in you, but i don't want to hurt you!" Yesung said, shaking his head. Ryeowook started sobbing silently onto Yesung's back. "But i want you! I don't care if it hurts.....please...." the small boy begged. Yesung looked away, and tried to pull away from Ryeowook. Suddenly Yesung felt something invade his pants, and mess with his length. It was Ryeowook's hand. He rubbed the older male's length. "I want you...." he whsipered into Yesung's back.

Yesung moaned and turned red. The fact that this innocent child was abusing HIM was new. Ryeowook got his hand out of Yesung's pants, and strted un-zipping them, but Yesung pulled away from the younger. Ryeowook gasped, and started crying. "Why did you pull away?? Do you not want me? Is that it?? You should tell me then! If you don't want to do me, then don't tease!!" he said, wiping his tears away.

"No..its not that! You know i want to but i dont want to hur-" "LIAR!" Ryeowook said, cutting Yesung off. "I hate you! I hate you! I HATE YOU!" he yelled to Yeusng. Yesung's heart throbbed painfully. He walked over to Ryeowook and tried hugging him. Ryeowook, however, pushed him away. "Don't touch me!" Ryeowook said, pulling hsi pants back on. Yesung gasped. "Bu-but Wookie...Wookie listen to me, i love you, I love you...please don't act liek this" yesung begged almost in tears.

"NO! You're a liar, i hate you! We're over!" Ryeowook said, running out of the room in tears. Yesung ran after him. Ryeowook ran into Sungmin on his way out the door. Sungmin gasped at the isght of his baby brother's tears. He didn't ask anything, and just hugged his brother tightly. "Wookie, its okay. Hyung is here, its okay" Sungmin said, trying to sooth his brother. Yesung finaly caught up with Ryeowook and saw him in the arms of Sungmin.

Sungmin smiled at Yesung, who just wiped his eyes. "Wookie, your lover is here, go to him. He'll make things better~" Sungmin said, with a happy voice. "I hate him! He's not my 'lover' anymore! Tell him to go die!" Ryeowook said, crying harder. Yesung fell on his knees, crying. "Yesung, whats going on??" Sungmin asked, really concerned. "Wookie...please..you odn't mean that. I love you with all my life! I...please don't break up with me..." Yesung sobbed out. "Its been done!" Ryeowook said, turning around. "I don't love you anymore!" he said, runnign upstairs, passed Yesung.

Yesung hit the floor with his fist, making his hand turn red. Sungmin stood there shocked, then he ran after his brother. Before leaving he said, "Yesung, we have to talk after this." Sungmin ran upstairs and found Ryeowook packing all his things. "I'm not staying here!" he said, wiping his tears away. "Wookie! Where are you going to sleep then??" Sungmin asked, standing in the door way. Ryeowook dropped his things on the bed and shook his head. "I don't know....way from yesung!" he said, breaking down in tears.

"You cna sleep with me, and Kyuhyun can sleep here with Yesung. And Wookie, no i don't mind. You are far more important." Sungmin said, hugging his brother. Ryeowook smiled. "I love you hyung..." he said. "Kyuhyun is away for the week so you can move in now, and i'll tell him when he comes back, don't worry, k?" Sungmin reassured his brother with a kiss on the forehead.

After Ryeowook had settled into KyuMin's room, Kyuhyun walked in and got shocked. "Whats going on???" he asked, looking  around. Sungmin popped out of the walk in closet and smiled at Kyuhyun. "Kyu....coem here...." he said, signaling Kyuhyun to come inside the closet. "Yesung and Ryeowook got into a fight, and they broke up...I talked to Yesung, and he told me what had happened, I want to have my baby brother safe next to me, but if you could, would you please move into Yesung's room, until this problem gets fixed? Please ???" Sungmin gave the puppy eyes, which no one in this world could turn down.

Kyuhyun sighed and kissed his boyfriend. "Okay....for you, and for Ryeowook who needs his brother." he said, smiling. "I love yoou Hyunnie!!!" Sungmin said, giving Kyuhyun an umma death-hug, that he had learned form LeeTeuk.Ryeowook who watched them and smiled. Then he remembered the warm loving hugs Yesung used to give him, and he ran out of the love-filled room trying to stop his tears from falling.


As Ryeowook ran into the bathroom, he washed his face and looked at himself through the mirror and laughed harshly. "You're so pathetic Ryeowook!! You leave him for such a stupid reason. Why did you say that you hate him? And that you didn't love him?? Why lie to yourself??!" he scolded himself. "Yesungie.....i'm stupid...i'm sorry!! Please forgive me.......I love you!" he said, to his reflecton, smiling harshly. "Why can't i say that to him? Why?....Sungie...i miss you so much" he said, hitting the sink with his fist.

A figure walked up behind Ryeowook, and blind-folded him. "Its okay...." a deep voice said. The myserty person kissed Ryeowook deeply. He moved down to his neck , as he snuck a hand inside Ryeowook's pants. Ryeowook pannicked at the sudden move, and kick the mystery person, and ran out of the bathroom, still blindfolded. I'm such a slut!! How could i let someone other then Sungie do that to me??!  Ryeowook took off the blind-fold and ran back in to the KyuMin room.

Sungmin and Kyuhyun had fallen asleep, cuddling into eachother. Ryeowook smiled, and took a picture with his cell-phone. "Cute!" he said. Ryeowook sighed, and made his way back to the bathroom. He stripped of all his clothes and got into the cold shower.

Without Ryeowook knowing, someone entered the bathroom. Ryeowook closed his eyes as he shampoo-ed his hair. The person walked into the bathroom with his and hugged the small boy. Ryeowook gasped. "Plea-please let go!! I will not aloud anyone to touch me! I love Sungie, only he can touch me!!" Ryeowook protested. The person chuckled and said, "This is why i can't stay away from you, my Wookie. I love you, an don't you forget it!" It was Yesung. Ryeowook broke down in tears and turned around to face, the now soaked, Yesung. He hit Yesung's chest and then kissed it.

"I hate you" he said, hugging the older male. "I love you...pleas-se don't leave me! Please don't....pleasee....I'm sorry..I love you, i love you, i love you!" Ryeowook said, pressing his lips againts Yesung's. "Wether you like it or not, Wookie, you're my prperty, i will never leave you" Yesung whispered to Ryeowook. "I'm sorry for hurting you" Yesung apologized. Ryeowook shook his head vigoursly. "I'm at fault, i'm sorry! I shouldn't have forced you into having t with me.....i'm sorry" Ryeowook said. The two hugged eachother tightly.

They stood under the cold pouring shower water, in silence. "Does that mean we're back together??" Yesung asked, nuzzlinginto Ryeowook's chest. "We never broke up...we had a fight. I love you forever, and ever, Sungie. And wether you like it or not, I'll always be yours" Ryeowook answered. Yeusng smiled and nodded. "I love you forever too Wookie~" he said.


The two boys, after 2 hours, finaly came out of the shower, freezing cold. "Go to bed right now! I don't want yout o catch a could!" Yesung demanded his lover. Ryeowook pouted and asked, "Alone? Come with me?" Yesung smiled and piched his Ryeowook's cheeks. "If that is your request" he said. Ryeowook smiled. The two fell asleep, hugging eah other, after 5 minutes.

"I'm glad those two are back together~~" Henry said, smiling. "Yeah...You're a smart person Henli! I would've never thought you would come up with such a nice plan. Make Yesung go into the bathroom when Ryeowook is bathing, very well planned!" Zhoumi complimented. Heechul nodded, and turned to look at Siwon. "What do you think, god boy?" he asked.

"Very most indeed smart! God will love your for helping others" he said smiling, "I actually agree with Wonnie on this" Kibum said, hugging his lover. Hangeng laughed quietly and said, "Yes, yes" LeeTeuk had the urge to run to his two children and hug them, but he didnn't want to disturber them. "You can hug them when they wake up, umma!!" Shindong said, reading LeeTeuk's mind.

They all left the YeWook couple to sleep peacefuly. As LeTeuk walked to the kitchen, the phone rang. He ran to pick it up.


"Is this the Kim Jungsu??"

"Yes, who is this?"

"Thats not important now! May i please speak with either Sungmin or Ryeowook?"

"What do you want with my children???"

"Aish....listen, i'm not a bad person! I'm a relative. I have to warn them!"

"About what!?!!"

"Chaeyong escaped prison and is looking for the two!"

"Wait, who??"

"Their mother. Our mother i should say....anyways, please give them the messege for me~"

"Wait, who is this?? Please let me know that?"

"KyuMi, Kim KyuMi. Please tell them!"

"Don't worry, i'll protect them"

"LeeTeuk oppa, i know. I trust you very much. I've been keeping a look on you, and the two seem to really love you....as if you are their real umma! I know you're a greta person, but please becareful too. Mom siad something about getting rid of the source for her family to split. Truthfuly speaking, dad left her after he heard what she did to Sungmin. I came home a month after that, and dad told me. I told him they were sfae in your care, so for now dad is not going to butt in. But if anythign happens please contact dad or me."

"Are you their sister??"

"*laugh* Yes. I am their older sister. I was said ot be dead, but it was not true. It was all fake. My ex-boyfriend wasn't an abuser or anything! I got into a car accident and he took care of me. I can unconsience for about 2 months. Apparently osmeone got kiled in my apartment. The neighbor didn't know what i looked like, so she said it as me. Lies. I'm still alive~!! Anyways, please tell my brothers to be careful"

"OH! Thats where i've heard your name! Alright, i'll tell them. No problem."

"Bye now! beep...beep....beep....beep..."

LeeTeuk hung up the phone, his hand shaking. He ran all around the house locking every door and wndow so that noone could get in. I will protect my babies no matter what! he said to himself, and went to sleep.


Outside the KyuMin window stood a lady with a knife. "I'll get you soeday Sungmin. Making my own kid do that to me? Hmph! You will see soon. You'll know what it feels like to loose someone you love. Who should i start with...the 'umma' or that lover of his???" The lady walked away from the house in thought. Not pretty ones.


[A/N]: YAAY!!! I finaly finsihed chapter 8! I was in writters block for a while, but i'm finaly finished~ I hope you guys like this chapter as much as i liked writting it....except for the YeWook split up and the very last part =_=. I didn't plan on writting it.....juts like chikamystica, my fic wrote itself! Hahah. *hides from any flying hard objects* I'M SORRY FOR BREAKING THEM UP! Just don't kill me..yet...i still have more chapters to go ! lol. Sorry for any spelling errors. I'm too lazy and tired to fix them now XD.

Tags: eunhae, hanchul, kangteuk, kiwon, kyumin, yewook, zhoury

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