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Behind that 'Smile' 9/?

Title: Behind that 'Smile'
Rating:PG-13 i guess...
Side Pairings: YeWook, EunHae, KangTeuk , HanChul, ZhouRy
Chapter: 9/?
Genre:Romance, Comedy(?), Sad, Drama
Summary: As a kid, Sungmin was always abused by his mother. One day Minnie's mom came home drunk nd beat him and without knowing put him for sale. A new family bought him nd he suddenly gained a young brother, Ryewook. Minnie was kind of a loner and knew how to deal while being alone. One day Minnie's parents called him up to their room nd told them a horrible news. A depressed Sungmin, ran out of the house shedding tears, un-aware of his surroundings when a car rushed by! Just when he thought he had lost his life, a super handsome male saved him. Sungmin dn the male, Kyuhyun, befriended each other. Soon enough Sungmin realised what the warm feeling he got when being with Kyuhyun was from and suddenly, things changed. For the good or the worst in still to be discovered.
[A/N]: YeWook is rather dirty for like a minute lol. Sorry for updating so late!! I will try to update quickly regardless of how many comments i get, :D! i fell in love with ZhouRy more as i wrote this, lol.

The next few weeks were great. All of the members were happy, and were pretty safe. They were planning to go to the beach for some spring fun. After all, school was out, and they had a long time before they could see their friends and teachers again. "LETS GO TO THE BEACH!!!" Heechul yelled, one day. "Why??" LeeTeuk asked. "Because its spring break and we have to have some fun, right?" Heechul had said, calling all of the members out to the living room. "But can't we do something in here??" Hangeng had asked, earning a glare from his lover. "Well...its eitehr the beach or we do Truth or Dare again~" he said, smirking. Everyone looked at each other and shook their heads. "Beach it is!!" the umma said, standing up. Everyone nodded.

"Go pack then~" Heechul ordered. Everyone go tup and went to their rooms. "Hey, we'll need some snack and food.. I'll go shopping!" Sungmin proposed. Heechul nodded. LeeTeuk's eyes widen. "Hangeng, go with Sungminnie..." LeeTeuk said. The younger male nodded, and him and Sungmin left to go shopping.

"Umma, what was that about? Sungmin is capable of shopping by himself...unless its furniture and clothes for us...." Yesung said. LeeTeuk nodded and said, "Well Hangeng is better with money than Sungminnie, so..." Yesung blinked and nodded. I can't let them know about Sungmin and Ryeowook's situation just yet......LeeTeuk thought.


As Sungmin and Hangeng walked through the streets, a figure seemed to be following them. It was actually two figures. They walked about 5 feet behind the two boys.

"Are you sure that him??" asked the first figure.

"Positive!" the second figure answered.

"Should we do it now?"

"No, no. We'll wait a bit more."



"Why are we following them like this??"

"......I don't...know....."

"Then lets just go!"

"Ah, okay...sorry~"

The two figures ran to Sungmin and Hangeng. The second figure ran, and wrapped its arms around Sungmin's neck, making the bunny boy stop walking, and almost fall. Hangeng gasped, and turned around. Using his reflexes, he hit the figure on the head. "Ow!" the figure said. It let Sungmin free so rub its head. Hangeng noticed who it was and his eyes widen. "You didn't have to hit me!" the figure said. "Sorry..." Hangeng apologized. Sungmin turned around and smiled. "Taemin ah~!!!" he said, hugging the younger male.

"Ahem..." went the other figure. Sungmin looked at it and narrowed his eyes a bit. "And you are?" he asked bluntly. Taemin laughed, and the other figure fell on his face. He got up, and dusted himself off. "Ah....Sungmin hyung, this is Jonghyunnie...." Taemin introduced. Sungmin smiled at Jonghyun, still hgging Taemin. "Jonghyunnie, this is Sungmin hyung" Taemin said, smiling up at Sungmin. "Oh....Nice to meet you..." Jonghyun said, half smiling, half frowning. Sungmin's head turned ot the side and then..."OH!!!!!!!!!" he said to himself, outloud.

He looked at Taemin with his big brown eyes and Taemin only smiled back, nodding. Sungmin giggled and let Taemin go. "Sorry, i didn't notice you two were L-O-V-E-Rs" Sungmin said. Taemin blushed, and Jonghyun smiled. Hangeng felt a bit left out, and just stood there trying to figure out what they were saying. "OH DATING!" he said. The 3 looked at him. "Sorry...." he said. They laughed and Sungmin said, "Its okay Kyungie~" The four walked into the grocery store and just baught anythign they found appetizing.

"Why are we buying so much food???" Taemin asked. Sungmin grabbed a dozen bannanas and added them to the shopping cart. "Going to the beach...Oh! Do you want to come along???" he asked enthusiasticly. "Can we/?" Taemin asked, with spakly eyes. "Su-sure" Hangeng said with his accent. Taemin turned to look at Jonghyun and he said, "We have to ask Onew umma, and Key appa....." he said. Taemin pouted. "They won't let us~" he said. "They....can come too" Hangeng offered. The two smiled and hugged the two boys.

"We'll go home and ask, Meet you at your house?" Taemin asked. Sungmin nodded. The four boys said thei good byes.


A lady with long, brown hair stood in the distance, waiting. She stood there looking at the grocery story. Her eyes widen as Taemin and Jonghyun came out of the store. She walked towards them. The two boys smiling. Lets see how much you like me after i teach you two a lesson. Screw my plans again, and see what happens! She thought to herself. She stood infront of Taemin and JOnghyun. She smiled. The two boys looked at each other and back at the women and smiled. She then looked at them. Her smile left.

She took a step closer to Taemin and smiled. She rose her hand and....


Taemin's head turned to face his right. Jonghyun gasped. The woman pushed Taemin causing him to fall. "Never...." she said, looking down at him with a glare. Taemin touched his face, which stinged terribly. His eyes started to flood with tears. Jonghyun pushed the woman and helped Taemin up. He held the younger male in his arms. The women rolled her eyes and gaged a bit. "People like you ruined my family. Poeple like you should just leave....people like you should..die!" she said, pulling out a gun.


Inside the store Sungmin and Hangeng were about to pay when they herad a scream. "Outside! Someone's getting atatcked!" a little girl ran screaming. Sungmin had a bad feeling about this. He stopped the little girl and looked into her eyes. "Who??" he asked, his voice shaky. "Two boys.....one wearing a red sweater, the other a purple one" she said, in fear. Sungmin looked ta Hangeng and they ran outside.


Jonghyun stood there infront of the gun pointing at him. Although he was in fear, he stood there, tightly holding taemin againts him. Sungmin and Hangeng ran through the doors. Sungmin stopped when he saw what was happening. He gasped sharply when he saw who was attacking his friends. "M-om.." he said. He stood there in fear, the snapped out of it. She will NOT hurt those who are important to me! Sungmin thought. He sneaked up behind his 'mom' and attacked her preasure point, causing her to fall in pain.

"I dare you! Go ahead! Try! See what happens Chaeyong!!" Sungmin yelled, harshly, at the woman. She looked up and glared at Sungmin. "Y...ou...you watch yourself. You...your dad left me....my son left me...all because of you!" she said, trying her best to get up. Sungmin turned around and said, "You brought it upon yourself, mom. I only tried to be happy...But you couldn't accept my and Wookie's happiness. We won't let you do this to us. Not now, not ever. Everything will be okay, as soon as you make up your mind. Will you accept Wookie and me, the way we are?" Sungmin turned to face his mom again.

She looked down, then looked at Sungmin. She got up. She looked at Sungmin dead in the eye and said, "You watch yourself...." and with that she walked away. Sungmin ran over to his friends. "Are you guys okay??" he asked, almost in tears. The two of them looked at him and nodded. Sungmin started crying. The two boys hugged him. "Its okay Sungmin hyung! Its not your fault your mom is like this!!" Taemin said, comforinngly. Sungmin shook his head. "It-s all...my...fault! I-if i were-nt he-here this would-nt be...be happening!" he said, through sobs.

Jonghyun just hugged Sungmin, and sighed. "I don't know whats going on, but its not your fault Sungmin hyung. Nothing is...." he said. Hangeng walked over to Sungmin, and placed a kiss on his forehead. "Sungmin ah...not this your fault." he said, hugging the younger male. Sungmin wiped his tears away, and smiled. "Thank you guys...." he said, his voice rather shaky.

Sungmin and Hangeng payed for the food, and Taemin and Jonghyun left to ask if they could jon the beach party.


All the members where ready and packed. They all sta in the living room, waiting for Sungmin and Hangeng to get back. "What if something bad happened???????" Heechul asked, freaking out. Everyone looked at him. They all thought about it and started freaking out too. The door of the house opened, and everyone turned around. Sungmin and Hangeng walked in. "We're home~" Sungmin said, in his bunny voice. Everyone ran over and hugged him.

"Are you okay?? You're okay rigth? Are you? ANSWER ME!" Heechul, practically eyelled, checking Sungmin all over. :I'm okay, hyung." Sungmin giggled. "Well we di-" Hangeng started. Sungmin gave him a 'Don't-mention-it-please' look. "What? What?" LeeTeuk asked. "Well we did meet Taemin and Jonghyun there..." Hangeng said. Everyone loosened up a bit.

Kyuhyun hugged his Sungmin, and placed a kiss on the older male's head. "You had us worried!" he said, hugging the younger one. "You worry about him and not me??" Hangeng asked, pouting cutely. Heechul laughed, and hugged him. "No, we knew you would be okay~ But we were worried about both of you" he said. Hangeng smiled.

"Oh! Taemin, Jonghyun and his family are comming along~" Sungmin announced, everyone cheered. "Oh, Youngsaeng and his 'family' are comming too...is it okay?" Yesung asked. Everyone nodded. "Guess who else is comming..." Kangin said, as he hung up his cellphone. "Who??" Siwon asked. "Yunho and his family~" he announced. "Who?" Sungmin and Ryeowook asked at the same time. "They're really great, you'll meet them. Yunho and Jaejoong are my and Kangin appa's old friends" Heechul said.

"And their 'son' Junsu is an old friend of mine!" Eunhyuk said. Sungmin and Ryeowook nodded. "You might know them, actually. Ryeowook..." LeeTeuk said. "Yes umma?" Ryeowook asked. "Do you know a Shim Changmin??" LeeTeuk asked. Ryeowook thought and nodded. "yeah! Changmin is a realy nice person~" Ryeowook said. "So you know him. He's one of Yunho and Jaejoong's 'son'" Donghae said.

They all waited for the SHINee family to come. Once they did they greated each other, and introduced themselves. They became fast friends."Well lets get going!" Kibum said. Everyone got their things and went to the bus.


On their way there they played hand games, and told jokes."Why do seagulls fly over the sea?" Yesung asked. Everyone thought and didn't come up with anything. "Why?" asked Shindong. "Because tif they flew over the bay they would be Bay-gulls!(Baegels)" he said, laughing. Everyone looked at him. Silence. "Hahahahahah~" Sungmin bursted out laughing, then everyone followed. "Thank you~" he said to Sungmin hugging him, getting a glare from Kyuhyun, and a pout from Ryeowook, and laughter from the other members.

"Kiss Wookie!" Henry said. Everyone nodded. Ryeowook sat at the back of the bus alone, listening to his I-pod at maximum volume, so he didn't hear the plan. Yesung looked at Ryeowook and sighed. "Go on, show him that you love him mroe than anyone!" Zhoumi said, pushing Yesung slightly. "HWAITING!" they all cheered for him. Yesung smiled, and walked ot the back of the bus. He sat next to his lover, and smiled at him.

Ryeowook looked at him, then looked away, facing the window. "GO!" Onew, practically, yelled. Yesung nodded. He rose his hands and turned Ryeowook's face, so it was facing him. Tears were falling down Ryeowook's cheeks, and Yesung pannicked a bit. "GO DAMMIT!" Key said. Yesung wiped Ryeowook's tears. "Cameras ready" Heechul said. Everyone pulled out their cellphones and cameras.

Yesung leaned closer to Ryeowook, and kissed the younger male. It was a gentle, but deep kiss. Everyone cheered. Ryeowook turned pink, and Yesung smiled. he pulled Ryeowook's ear-phones off, and whsipered, "I love you forever, Wookie. remember that." Everyone aww-ed. Ryeowook smiled, and glomped Yesung. Lets all thank god that the back seat was comftrable, and long, or else Yesung would've been injured. Yesung layed on the bus seat, with Ryeowook on top of him, his arm around the older's waist.

He nuzzled his head into his lover's chest and smiled. "I love you too, Sungie. Forever of course~" he said. Shortly after, the two fell asleep. "Wow.....I can't believe they fell asleep in 2 minutes!" Minho said, and everyone laughed. "Yeah, thats my brother for you. he can sleep anywhere, no matter how loud!" Sungmin explained. "No way~?" Onew said. Sungmin nodded. "No its true." he said. Onew laughed and said, "Ah...how i wish Taemin was like that!" Taemin pouted and everyone laughed. "I'm getting tired guys.....I think i'll sleep...tell me when we get there okay?" Sungmin said. LeeTeuk nodded. "I'll join you, Minnie" Kyuhyun said. The two of them went to take a seat, and fell asleep hugging each other.

"Hey............" Heechul said, with an evil smirk. "You know what would be fun to do?" he asked. Everyone looked at him. "What??" Donghae asked. "Come here..." Heehcul said. Everyone gathered up, and Heehcul whispered something to them. "Ooooooooooh!!!!" they all cheered. They laughed, and Siwon said, "This is bad, but lets do it!" Everyone nodded. "Well, lets do it when its night...That way they won't catch on, k?" Everyone agreed.


They finaly reached the beach, and LeeTeuk woke YeWook and KyuMin. There they met up with Yunho and his family, and Hyunjoong and his family. "Lets introduce ourselves!" Heechul offered. Sungmin agreed, so everyone else did. "Role call~" LeeTeuk yelled.

"I'm LeeTeuk, the umma. And this is Kangin, the appa."
"I'm Heechul, and this is MY Hangeng"
"I'm Sungmin, and this is Kyuhyun, my lover"
"We're Donghae and Eunhyuk!"
"I'm Yesung, you already know, and this is my cutie, Ryeowook."
"Henry! And this is the over protective Zhoumi!"
"I'm Kibum, and this god-loving-child is Siwon"
"And i'm Shindong...i'm straight!"
"We call ourselves Super Junior~" Sungmin said. Everyone looked at him, and just nodded.

"Nice to meet you all. I'm Hyunjoong~ I'm the 'umma' of this group. I don't have a lover, sorry...." Hyunjoong said, feeling sad.
"Its okay, umma! I'm Kyujong, you guys know, and this is my lover Youngsaeng."
"I'm Jungmin, and this is Hyungjoon.....yeah..."

LeeTeuk walked over to Hyunjoong and hugged him. "Its okay~ You'll find someone. Trust me!" he said. Hyunjoong smiled. "Oh yeah~ We're SS501" Hyunjoong said. "Next us!" Taemin yelled.

"I'm Onew, the band 'umma' and this is Key the band 'appa'."
"I'm Taemin! And this is Jonghyunnie~"
"I'm single and i'm Minho"

Everyone laughed at what Minho had said and Hyunjoong said, "Join the club~" everyone laughed. "We're SHINee" Key said. "Us next" Jaejoong said.

"Band umma is me, Jaejoong. Appa is Yunho"
"I'm Micky, and this is MINE. Junsu." Micky glared at Eunhyuk, who hugged Donghae, and kissed him.
"I'm Changmin. My lover isn't here, but his name is Minwoong...he's kind off like Taemin tho...very jumpy!" Jonghyun sighed and put a hand on Changmin's shoulder. "Ah...how we have it" he said, Changmin laughed and nodded. "Okay, we'll be called DBSK~" Jaejoong finsihed. "We should go change now." Yunho said. Everyone nodded.

"We have 4 cabins, ours is the biggest. We have many couples..." Heechul said, stating the obvious. They all went to their cabins. Their cabins had names. SHINee Cabin was a turqouise color. DBSK Cabin was red. Super Junior Cabin was Bblue, and SS501 Cabin was green.


"The cabins have 4 rooms each, so we'll split into four groups. We need group leaders." LeeTeuk said. "I nominate Heechul and Sungmin!" Siwon said. Everyone agreed. "Now you two get to pick which 3 couples will stay with you guys...." Kibum said. "Okay well i get YeWook!" Sungmin said. "I guess i'll get KangTeuk..." Heechul said. "ZhouRy!" the bunny boy said. "KiWon~" Cinderella said. "I'll get EunHae" the small boy siad. "Shindong?" Heechul asked. "Actually i can only stay until 7.....my mom is 8 months pregnant so she needs the family.

"Oh..." Heehul said. "Then i guess i get these two couples." he finished. Everyone nodded. "We need a name~" Sungmin said. "How about The Angels, and the Devils?" LeeTeuk suggested. "I like that!" Heechul and Sungmin said, at the same time. "Then Devils and Angels it is~" Kibum said. At this Siwon pouted. "Bu-but god is against the devil!" he said, still pouting. Kibum kissed him and said, "Its okay. Even if god doesn't love you for a while, i will always love you." He hugged Siwon, and everyone awwwed. "I've never seen you guys PDA before~" Sungmin said.

"Your room is not next to theirs......ah" Heechul said, groaning a bit at the end. "Makes you wonder, why can't Heenim sleep at night?" Hangeng said, wrapping his arms around Heechul's waist. Yesung smirked, and said, "Someone's being a lil' naughty at night, huh?" and Siwon turned red. "Umma!" he whinned. "Hey, atleast i didn't abuse him while he was talking to himself in the bathroom, and atleast i didn't try to abuse him while he was showering, Yesung..." Kibum said. Yesung blushed and Ryeowook's jaw dropped. "So you were the one who blindfolded me that time??????" he asked Yesung.

Everyone held back their laughter with fake coughs and Yesung nodded. Ryeowook smiled, and pulled Yesung into the bathroom. The boys started laughing. "Ah, Yesung ah got caught!" Henry said laughing. Then everyone stopped laughing when they heard a moan comming from the other side of the bathroom door. Then another moan. It was Yesung's. "Oh.." Heechul said, "My..." LeeTeuk said. "Siwon...." Kyuhyun finished. "Di...is my brother??!!....Oh my g-" "Siwon.." Kyuhyun said, cutting Sungmin off.

The two boys came out of the bathroom. Ryeowook had the biggest grin ever pasted on his face, and Yesung was flushed red! "Where were we? Oh yeah....Hyungs don't fight!" Ryeowook said, trying hard not to laugh. "........Oh yeah, of course..." Heechul said, trying to get his mind off what had just happened. Ryeowook then started laughing and said, "Sorry...ah..." Everyone looked away and he pouted.

"Mo-moving on....Yesung said, smirking at Ryeowook. "Okay well this cabin will be the Angel Cabin...for reasons...." LeeTeuk said, looking at YeWook. "We'll take the other Cabin......." Kangin said. They all nodded, and the Devil team left.


Once they had changed into their bathing suits, they all went to the beach. There they met up with the rest of the members and had fun. Taemin happened to see Hanry sitting alone by some rocks and ran over to him. "Henli whats wrong??" he asked. Henry looked up at him and smiled, or atleast tried. "Its just that...sometimes i wonder, Does Zhoumi really love me and care about me? I mean he hasnt noticed that I'm all alone, he's too busy playing with Onew, who is cuter than me..." he said, hugging Taemin. Henry was crying.

Taemin hugged Henry back. "Henli ah....i have an idea~" he said. Henry looked up at him. "Come with me real quickly." Taemin said, dragging the boy with him. "Minho, Minho! Help us real quickly, okay?" he said. Minho nodded.

Taemin ran over to Zhoumi. "Zhoumi hyung...where's Henli?? I found this sea-shell i want to show him!" Taemin said, with a seashell in his hand. Zhoumi looked around, and saw Henry. "Oh! He's over there flirting with Minh- !!!!" he said. "Why is he...flisrting...with....why?" he asked, sitting down. He looked at Henry again. The canadian boy was laughing, and poking, pinching, and kissing Minho's cheek. He was also constantly ruffling the other's hair. Zhoumi glared at Minho.

"Hmm....Maybe you should og there and see why? Or better yet, stop them" Taemin suggested shrugging. Zhoumi stood up, and walked toward the two flirting guys. He pulled Henry into his arms, and glared at Minho. "He's MINE> You can't have him now, not tomorrow, not ever. Please back off, or i'll break you" he said to Minho, turning around and dragging Henry away. Henry turned to look at Minho and mouthed the words 'Thank you!!' to him.

Zhoumi and Henry sat in the sand, distance away form everyone. "So you do care...*sigh* I never hsould've doubted, I'm sorry Mimi! I love you" Henry said, hugging the older male. Zhoumi looked at the mochi hugging him confussed. "What?" he asked. "Well, you were playing with Onew hyung too much...so i got a tad bit...jelous. You didn't even notice i wasn;t there anymore! So i got upset and left. Taemin, who noticed, came up with a plan. This was it. Minho was in it too. I wasn't actually flirting, no. " Henry explained. "I'm sorry Mimi!!" he apologized.

Zhoumi looked down at the boy again, and chuckeled. "I can't belive you did all of this, just to see how much i love you, Lili(Ryry). You should've asked!" Zhoumi said, pinching Henry's cheek. Zhoumi lifted Henry's head, and kissed the boy. "I hope you believe me now~" he said. Henry smiled brightly and nodded.

"Aww...we did a good job Minho hyung!" Taemin said, taking pictures of the fluffly couple. Minho nodded. "Lets go...i think we should let them be alone" he said, pulling Taemin by the arm.


"Guys, i'm going to go shower, okay?" Sungmin announced the the 6 people sitting on the floor, watching TV. They nodded. "Ah...where's the food? I'm hungry..." Kyuhyun said, peeking through the room door. "Um...Oh! Its at the Devil Cabin, i think. Donghae said. Kyuhyun nodded and left the cabin. "Plan in action!" Henry announced. Donghae shushed him. "No so loud, Henli!" Eunhyuk said. Henry pouted. After 5 minutes, the 6 boys left the cabin, and went who-knows-where.

Kyuhyun came back after 15 minutes, to find the cabin quiet and empty. "Hmmm...i wonder where they went???" Kyuhyun said to himself.
He walked ot the couch and sat there. He turned on the tv and watched whatever was on. "Ah..Gag concert~" he said. As he watched TV, he laughed from time to time. "Ah...its really refreshing, you guys should also..oh" Sungmin said, comming out of the shower. All he wore was a pink bath-robe, that was knee legth.

Kyuhyun turned his head to face Sungmin, and his jaw dropped, He felt himself start to drool, and decided to look away. "No wonder it was so quiet. Where ar ethe guys?" Sungmin asked, sitting nect to Kyuhyun on the couch. Kyuhyun turned pink. He is so NOT helping the situation!! Kyuhyun thought. "I-i don't know. I came back and they weren't here..." Kyuhyun said, looking everywhere but at Sungmin. "Oh...well i'm going to change because someone seems disturbed~" Sungmin said rather annoyed. He got up and walke dinto the room.

"Sorry, Minnie..." Kyuhyun said. He heard Sungmin gasp. He got up and walked into the room. "What?"he asked curiously. "The clothes...." he said. "What about it??" Kyuhyun asked. "ITS GONE! Like all of it! Even the one i was just wearing! Omo!!" the fllustered Sungmin said. "......Oh go-Siwon....." Kyuhyun said. The two looked at eahother and turned away, turning red.

[A/N]: Sorry for taking ages to update!! I basically have chapter 9-12 in my head, but school is taking my soul -_- But i promise i will update quickly! I introduced SHINee, SS501 and DBSK in this chapter, yay!! So you can expect more from them in my series :3. I think i failed with this chapter, but hey, I try. Hope you guys liked~!!  Comments are loved, not at all mandatory ^-^ Critisism is also appreciated. :]

Tags: dbsk, eunhae, hanchul, kangteuk, kiwon, kyumin, shindong, shinee, ss501, super junior, yewook, zhoury

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